Chief Onuokaibe Applauds Enugu’s Development Under Mbah

Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah of  Enugu State has been praised for his outstanding performance within one year in office.

The Chief Executive Officer of First Choice Afro Villa Ltd and Mburubu Construction Company Ltd, High Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe, made this known on Tuesday through a congratulatory message to newsmen in commemoration of Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah’s one year in office.

He stated that  Enugu, under Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, has witnessed transformative progress, making it one of the best investment havens and growing economies in Nigeria.

According to Onuokaibe, the governor’s administration has significantly improved the state’s infrastructure, healthcare, education, and sports sectors.

He noted that achievements such as the rehabilitation and reconstruction of 71 roads, provision of clean water through new water galleries, and the completion of a 4.4MW gas-powered plant within 180 days are crucial to the state’s growth.

Onuokaibe also highlighted the renovation of Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, which has revitalized the  Enugu Rangers football team, and the hosting of the first Martial Arts Mega Cage Fight Championship, which has placed  Enugu on the global entertainment map.

Additionally, he cited the ongoing construction of 260 smart schools and 260 type 2 hospitals, the remodeling of the land registration system, and the revitalization of Hotel Presidential and an international conference centre as demonstrations of Governor Mbah’s commitment to sustainable development.

Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe called on the good people of Enugu State to rally round and provide the needed support for the administration of Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, stating that such support will make  Enugu one of the best economies on the continent.

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The statement reads:

One-Year Anniversary Message to Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah of  Enugu State

Celebrating Transformative Leadership and Development in Enugu State

It is with immense pride and heartfelt gratitude that I, Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe, Chief Executive Officer of First Choice Afro Villa Ltd and Mburubu Construction Company Ltd, extend my warmest congratulations to His Excellency, Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, on the remarkable achievements of his first year in office. Under your visionary leadership, Enugu State has witnessed unprecedented progress and development, reflecting your commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents. Your administration’s dedication to infrastructure, healthcare, education, sports, and economic revitalization has set a new benchmark for governance in Nigeria.

The awarding of contracts for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of 71 roads across the state stands as a testament to your resolve to enhance connectivity and mobility. These efforts have significantly improved transportation, fostered economic activities, and reduced travel time for commuters. Furthermore, the provision of clean water through the construction of water galleries in various parts of the city addresses a critical need and ensures that residents have access to this essential resource.

In just 180 days, the completion of a 4.4MW gas-powered plant demonstrates your commitment to addressing the power needs of  Enugu State. This project is a significant milestone in your administration’s efforts to provide reliable and sustainable energy to drive economic growth and improve the living standards of our people. The renovation of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium’s playing turf, which brought  Enugu Rangers back to their home ground after two years, has been a source of immense pride and morale boost for the team and the entire state. Their current top position in the Nigerian Premier First League table is a direct result of your support for sports and recreation.

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Hosting the first, biggest, and most intense Martial Arts Mega Cage Fight Championship in  Enugu on Easter Sunday was a groundbreaking event that showcased our state as a hub for sports and entertainment. This event has placed Enugu on the global map and attracted visitors and investors alike. Your administration’s ongoing construction of 260 smart schools and 260 type 2 hospitals across the state underscores your commitment to enhancing education and healthcare. These facilities will provide our children with quality education and our communities with access to essential healthcare services, ensuring a brighter future for all.

The remodeling of  Enugu’s land registration system to meet international best practices is a forward-thinking initiative that will improve efficiency, transparency, and investment in the state’s real estate sector. The ongoing revitalization of Hotel Presidential and the construction of an international conference centre, slated for completion before the year’s end, will undoubtedly boost tourism and hospitality, providing new avenues for economic growth. The signing of a N100 billion deal with Pragmatic Palms Limited to resuscitate the moribund United Palm Products Limited is a strategic move to revive our agricultural sector and stimulate the local economy. This partnership is poised to create jobs, increase productivity, and enhance the economic landscape of  Enugu State.

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The inauguration of the  Enugu Electricity Regulatory Commission is a significant step towards ensuring effective regulation and management of the state’s electricity supply, further enhancing our capacity to meet the energy needs of residents and businesses. Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, your first year in office has been characterized by visionary leadership, strategic planning, and impactful execution of projects that have transformed Enugu State. Your achievements serve as an inspiration to all and a clear indication of the brighter future that lies ahead under your continued leadership.

On behalf of First Choice Afro Villa Ltd, Mburubu Construction Company Ltd, and the people of  Enugu State, I congratulate you on this momentous occasion and pledge our unwavering support for your administration’s ongoing efforts to bring about sustainable development and prosperity for all.


Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe
Chief Executive Officer,
First Choice Afro Villa Ltd and Mburubu Construction Company Ltd.

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