Breaking Now: Georgia Governor Calls For Audit After Results Are Certified.

Breaking Now: Georgia Governor Calls For Audit After Results Are Certified.

By Rowlandgate.

Georgia Governor Calls For Audit After Results Are Certified So, this just happened. Definitely an interesting time to be alive.
Ever since the Fake “Recount” started in Georgia, Trump has been on record repeatedly asking the anti-Trump Secretary of State there to halt the process and include signature verification in the process – it’s called holistic auditing.

Trump argued that merely recounting the ballots without audit to verify signatures (which is actually what exposes the fraud) will amount to nothing but recounting the fraudulent ballots. All his pleas fell on deaf ears because they were so eager to rush to the finishing line of “certification.”
Well, as soon as that happened with the backing of the governor, Trump’s “pit bull” lawyer, Sidney Powell fired a warning shot (included below) putting the Georgia Governor and his team on notice that they actually have clear evidence of massive election fraud in Georgia, in their possession and that there will be prices to pay.
Not long after that, Georgia Governor, Kemp goes on record to demand audit…but that’s not even what caught my attention. it is the fact that the news is now reporting that he, Kemp never “endorsed the result” and never “publicly defended the state’s election process from Trump’s accusations!” Sounds to me like he’s trying to save his head by all means. Very telling. But why should this be necessary?

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I’ll tell you: I have a video coming out soon in which I’ll detail the intricacies of the Executive Order on election meddling signed by Donald Trump, I think in 2018, when he had anticipated all of these would happen. That EO gives the Federal Government the power to confiscate properties and assets belonging to not just people who indulge in election fraud but people who aided and abetted it. People who gave them support or promoted them in any way, shape or form.

And guess what? It gets even more interesting: few days ago, The Department of Defense began the process of elevating the rarely known Special Operations forces to a place of absolute independence and this was not even reported in the media. I’ll show the clip of this historic announcement in my next research video.

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No politician in America wants to have anything to do with Special Operations. They are the guys who will execute that Executive Order. Those guys are a lasting pain and they can go for anyone, no matter who you are. They are the guys who detect hidden enemies, foreign or domestic and extinguish them without delay. There job is to defend the sovereignty of the United States and no one is a sacred cow before them.

I can bet that after Brian saw the evidence with Sidney Powell and told that Special Operations are now independent with more powers and probably on their way to Georgia, he immediately took to the media to save his butt. I guess this is the same reason the Dominion Voting Systems lawyers and representatives suddenly backed out of a Fact-Finding hearing with the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee, which they had earlier agreed to attend. They have not showed up again ever since. Why are they running? Well, now you know.

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So much is about to go down and don’t even make the mistake of thinking these other guys are gonna just sit back and fold their arms. No, they won’t.

A massive rain is about to fall and I fear for my America. I do. But I know God answers prayers. We commit it all to His able hands. But I am really worried. If you’re in the US and don’t have any plan of leaving there anytime soon, please stock up right now and brace yourselves. I repeat, stock up and brace yourselves.

What are your thoughts?

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