As Chukwudi Umeaba & His Cohorts Day Dreams, Hon Nwobu Set To Complete His Tenure

The social media has been swarmed by detractors of our great party, The PDP, in Anambra State, working in concert with APGA media hirelings to discredit our party as they increasingly get agitated at the massive support being enjoyed by our Party in our dear State.

When they are not alleging that our Party leadership is dictatorial in sacking some erring members, they allege that the Leadership has been brought over, or that there is a hidden court order that sacked the Exco, will they ever stop, The answer is No, until they are roundly defeated in the upcoming 2021 Governorship elections.

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Mr Chukwudi Umeaba & his co travellers as well as their boss, the Political merchant need to wake up from their day dreaming, as the days of swindling Governorship Aspirants in our Party is over & done with, the days of signing off our common wealth is over, are they still in their dream, Oooh what a pity.

Let it be known for the avoidance of any doubt, that there has never been a court Order in any Court of our land, that Ordered Hon Sir Ndubisi Nwobu, the duly elected State Chairman of our party from performing his responsibilities as the Chairman. In Umeabas day dreams as a school drop out, he failed to even have an understanding of a Court Order In his hands, is he not aware that the only court pronouncement with respect to Anambra state is the Judgement of 24th, May ,2018, which declared Umeabas purported Care Taker as null & void, same being in conflict with the PDP constitution, and same Judgment ordered that the State Executive Comitteeof PDP, Anambra State Chapter having been duly elected in a State Congress held on the 4th December 2017, ratified by the Former National Caretaker Committee at its 449th meeting held on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th December, 2917 is valid and subsisting, having regard to the fact that its tenure is unexhausted.

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With the above, It’s crystal clear that Mr Umeaba & his cohorts will remain in their dream till 2021, when PDP under the able leadership of Hon Sir Ndubisi Nwobu will win the Governorship election.

A word is enough for the wise.

What are your thoughts?

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