Arrest those making mockery and ridicule of the president, prophet Ikuru explodes


By Collins Nkwocha

The prophetic hall of fame, prophet Godwin Ikuru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry has reacted furiously to the video trending on social media,the president of Nigeria, Ahmed Bola Tinubu fell down at the Eagles Square today when he has climbing the podium.

A lot of people have used this avenue to ridicule and make mockery of the president and this has infuriated prophet Godwin Ikuru who has beckoned on security operatives to arrest those circulating the video and making mockery of the president “we should respect the president, anyone can make a mistake and fall,why ridicule him because of this,he didn’t fall because he’s an old man,he only made a mistake Which anyone could have made, nobody is infallible, everyone is liable to making mistakes or errors,stop making denigrating and derogatory remarks about the president, anyone seen circulating the video should be arrested”.

What are your thoughts?

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