APC leadership gave ticket to a wrong person – Archbishop Mustapha

His Eminence, Archbishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin, the presiding bishop of Resurrection Praise ministry, Lagos held a candlelight procession on Sunday, 31st Of August, 2022 to beseech for Nigeria and reject the APC Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket.

Archbishop Samson was escorted by a large congregation who are excited about the growth and advancement of the country, particularly at a time when insecurity is deeply grounded in the affairs of the nation.

While addressing newsmen, the courageous man of God made it known that the candlelight procession is to pray for the country considering the insecurity being encountered by the locals and those in government.

He spoke of the kidnap threat made to President Buhari by terrorists some weeks ago while describing it as a shame to the country.

‘’I brought out the large population for a candle procession to pray for our country Nigeria. You and I know the state of insecurity holding this nation especially the recent one that has put the name of the president in the list of wanted people by the terrorist.This has called for prayers and action although the national assembly are doing something that points at impeaching the president but the truth is, I have a message from God, I am not an activist but a prophet of the most high God.  I have a message from God for Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, VP Yemi Osinbajo, the national assembly and the house of reps; people who know me too well know I don’t predict, I prophesy.’’

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’What you are seeing today didn’t start today, this is the result of over two and half years praying and fasting without food cooked by fire early this year when the prayer and fasting of six months came to an end. What you are seeing now unfolding is what God was preparing me for and I will give the message of God to the Nigerian citizens and politicians ruling this country the way God gave it to me. If the nation listens, we will be safe but if they don’t listen, the nation will suffer for it.’’

‘’ The threat to Mr president is a shame to this country, it is the country that should have terrorists on the wanted list not terrorist telling Mr President that he is on their wanted list. The service chiefs have not done anything about it up till now and if it were to be an ordinary citizen, DSS and other security operatives would have gone after the person.’’

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In the same vein, Archbishop Samson spoke about the presidential Muslim-Muslim ticket of the APC again, making it known that by Nigerian masses time table, a christian should become the next president of the country but the ruling party have shown unfairness and injustice to Nigerians by going for not just a muslim candidate but a muslim running mate too.

He however noted that in coming weeks, Nigerians will be shocked to know how powerful Christians are.

‘’At the same time, at the unfairness, injustice, lack of transparency and federal character that is exhibited by one of the parties who actually have chosen the muslim-muslim ticket. By the national Nigerian masses time table, this is the turn of a Christian in that party to become a president, that party has produced a Muslim president whose tenure will end in 2023. Naturally, it should go to a Christian but the leadership of the party gave the ticket not only to a wrong person according to the national Nigerian masses time table which actually encourages rotation. With the way it is right now, it is unfair that a Muslim has been ruling for seven years and another Muslim wants to take over, not only that, he chose a Muslim running mate, this is injustice to Nigerians. In the coming weeks, Nigerians will see how powerful the Christians are.’’

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