Anambra Workers Lament Diversion Of Transport Largess Soludo To 21 LGA By Barr Ezeaka


By Ekene Okoye

Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s N20,000 transport largess intended for forty (40) workers in each of the 21 local government areas of Anambra State last Tuesday has been diverted by Barr. Vin Ifeanyi Ezeaka, Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission (LGSC), sparked outrage among the workers who were denied the funds.

Governor Soludo had during the opening ceremony of the maiden edition of the Local Government Service Commission week, held at the Women’s Development Center in Awka, announced the transport largess for the workers present.

He asked Barr. Ezeaka about the number of workers invited from each local government, to which Ezeaka responded 40, despite only 30 workers being invited. Nonetheless, Governor Soludo declared a transport allowance of N20,000 for each of the 40 invitees. However, discrepancies soon emerged as many workers in the hall did not receive the promised funds.

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Barr. Ezeaka had claimed that the workers came on their own, even though each local government area had sponsored their members’ trips. This contradiction raised suspicions about the mismanagement of the allocated resources. It was puzzling that Governor Soludo’s instructions were not followed, despite the immediate provision of funds for 40 persons per local government council by Hon. Tony Collins Nwabunnwanne, the Commissioner.

Barr. Ezeaka had instructed each local government to bring 30 persons, not 40, thereby potentially profiting from the excess allocation. This manipulation amounted to a profit of N200,000 for each local government area. Despite the actual number of staff attending from each local government being between 20 to 25 persons, the Chairman did not disburse the funds to these attendees. Instead, he produced a list of designated attendees, which contradicted Governor Soludo’s directive that every staff member in the hall should receive N20,000.

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Consequently, those whose names were not on Ezeaka’s list but attended in place of others who were absent were denied the largess. This was particularly unjust, given that the highest attendance from any council did not exceed 25 persons.

It is worth noting that the LGSC Chairman had previously tasked each Head of Local Government Administration (HLGA) to pay N200,000 in preparation for the LGSC week and later requested an additional N300,000, totaling N500,000 from each local government area. Each local government council also provided buses and entertainment for their staff. Despite these provisions, Barr. Ezeaka misrepresented the situation to Governor Soludo and denied the workers in the hall their transport funds.

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Local government area workers who were denied the largess expressed their shock and disappointment. They lamented the missed opportunity to thank Governor Soludo for his generosity. Even though the total number of staff at the function was under 500, and Governor Soludo had provided for 840 persons, many did not receive the promised transport money.

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