Anambra Guber: Corrupt Politicians Desperate To Take Over — Odili


Comr. Chuma

AWKA- A frontline activist and community leader in Anambra state, Comrade Chuma Harris Odili, has stressed the dire need for the citizens to protect the integrity of the state from those he referred to as roaming desperate politicians.

Odili, who said that the November 6 governorship election has ignited the political space in the state, maintained that granted that it was the constitutional and fundamental right of individuals to vote and be voted for, further admonished the electorate not to truncate the developmental process in the state by voting for marauders with inordinate ambitions.

He said Anambra state was on transition and that the present state government had set the template for good governance, adding that it would amount to efforts in futility should the governance of the state be entrusted in the hands of merry-go-round politicians.Odili said, “The season of madness is here upon us. Events are unfolding at a rapid pace. Politics of bitterness has enveloped the minds of power mongers. There are many scenarios playing out, but this time discerning people of Anambra should rise up, reinforce and protect our democracy from the incessant attacks launched by the enemies of progress who are determined to abuse our rights and privileges to choose the best man to succeed and consolidate the efforts and achievements of Governor Willie Obiano.

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“The political atmosphere in Anambra is not looking good at all. That is why I would rather suggest, or plead, that our immediate concern should be how to stop corrupt individuals seeking to occupy the seat of power at Agu Awka.“The signs are already everywhere: desperate politicians are sponsoring series of media attacks on percieved opponents. Brown envelope Journalists have been employed and deployed, they have shamelessly queued up, receiving briefs from the paymasters, and causing disruptions in the media space.“Truth is sat on its head, the notorious ‘pay as you go’ Journalists are on the prowl. They are feeding fat on falsehood, character assasination, muslings, and deceit. The psycho renegades are here to set a dangerous agenda on Anambra soil, God forbid.“These imported machineries from Southwest media who are battling with the economic realities of the time have found patronage in Anambra. They have been hired, coopted and quartered by corrupt politicians in the state. The battle has begun; they have embarked on the tedious process to dislodge the ruling party APGA.“Stolen wealth is being displayed with impunity, all in a bid to deceive the public. Looking at things soberly, there is no escaping the conclusion that this is the character of the political desperados in Anambra state. The quest to grab power by any means possible, has spotlighted questionable individuals in the gubernatorial race.“Ever since some of these notably desperate politicians were investigated for alleged involvement in criminal cases; even a fatcat queried for allegedly syphoning public funds, diversion of monies meant for Constituency developmental projects. The norm in Anambra is that ego centric politicians are suspects of criminal wrongdoings who now desperately need immunity.“The good news is that there are still reasonable politicians in Anambra, while the bad news is that the majority of the governorship aspirants in Anambra are corrupt and corrupting.

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Ndi Anambra should take responsibility for the way things are, we have to agree not to elect people who are corrupt and corrupting, and that such people who are desperate and strategising on how to grab power so that they can realize their corrupt intentions are not allowed access to the highly exalted office. Ndi Anambra should not be swayed to vote for people who put greed above public interest.“This is a frightening conclusion, but it’s hard to find a more reasonable one. Something is rotten in these queer people. You see, in a democratic state, the public gets the government it deserves, and Ndi Anambra deserve a man who would sustain the monumental and profound achievements the outgoing governor has made. That’s the situation.“Soon, standard-bearers of political parties will emerge. Some of the aspirants were alleged to have systematically used public coffers to pay for family and private expenses – covetousness, selfishness, avarice. This cloud of allegations have accompanied them for years. It’s not new and the people, as mentioned above, get what they deserve. Apparently the norms in high places are not different than the ones held by simple folks.“It’s self-evident that these are not the declared norms. No one, from the top of the pyramid to the puniest of citizens, has an openly stated position supporting corruption and criminal wrongdoing. Everyone always assumes a pose of moral righteousness. But in hidden recesses, under the table, one can assume that the combinatorics of fixers, lobbyists and the upper echelon are not alien to the average Anambrarian.“Ndi Anambra, we should rise to protect our state from the roaming desperate politicians whose devilish mission is to ensure that  gloomy picture emerges,”  Odili concluded.

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