Anambra 2021: Anglican Priest speaks on denominational politics

We Understand Politics… We know Better!!!

APC was not a bad party when Fr Mbaka ‘prophesied’ Hope Uzodimma, a Roman Catholic into Imo State Government House. No Rev’d Fr called our attention to the menace of APC in Igboland. He even went to church and did Thanksgiving and the bishop extolled him and his leadership qualities.

Emeka Ihedioha, An Anglican, was removed by the Supreme court’s ruling as the Governor of Imo state under PDP, nobody drew our attention to the fact that PDP is Igbo party we love so much. He’s an Anglican, that’s good.

Ihedi Ohakim, An Anglican, was the governor of Imo state under PDP, Fr Mbaka rubbished him, accused him of beating up a Rev’d Fr and used it to campaign against him in his Adoration ministry. Consequently, Ihedi Ohakim was removed for Rochas Okorocha. Fr Mbaka later apologised to Ihedi Ohakim for wrongly accusing him.

All the atrocities Rochas committed in office in his days, nobody spoke about it because he’s an anointed candidate. Everybody including priests were dumb.

Obiano, A Roman Catholic, is the worst governor Anambra state has ever produced. No Rev’d Fr has ever spoken about it. All the atrocities he is committing in the state is good as long as he is a Roman Catholic. Gov Obiano demolished an Anglican Church, he was made a papal knight and was celebrated.

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He underdeveloped Anambra and made it the worst state security wise, infrastructural wise and otherwise, yet he remained a celebrity. He is a drunkard even the imbecile is aware of, that’s not a problem. He is our member, let him remain there. He is adored and deified.

Charles Soludo, a Roman Catholic, running for governor of Anambra state under APGA, he is Godsent and the best for the office of the governor. He is a professor, he is eloquent and exposed. He has never committed any crime. Anambra people has been begging him to come and govern them.

Valentine Ozigbo, a Roman Catholic, is running for the governor of Anambra state under PDP, he is very calm, coordinated, knowledgeable and has good attributes of a leader. He is a saint in human uniform. No crime. In fact, Valentine Ozigbo is a virgin.

Andy Ubah, an Anglican, is running for the governor of Anambra state under APC, Hell fire is opened! Bermuda Triangle is turning to square shape! Water is boiling in mummy water kingdom!

APC is abomination! God forbid Andy Ubah!! Okay, what did he do?

Andy Ubah is a demon, Andy Ubah is a thief, Andy is an assassin. Andy will destroy and sell Anambra state to the Fulani. Andy sponsors Boko Haram. Andy kidnapped Ngige, Andy sold Ikenga Hotel. Andy forged certificate.

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Andy Ubah burned down Anambra state. Andy is not a leader. Andy is occultic and satanic. Andy is sponsoring unknown gunmen. Andy kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya. Andy killed Dr Chike Akunyili. Andy pays Fulani herdsmen monthly salary in Anambra state.

One man, too many crimes. Why is Andy Ubah this bad and devilish? You want to know? He is such evil simply because he’s an Anglican. If he’s a Roman Catholic, he’ll be a papal knight and become saint Andy Ubah.

Andy Ubah is a strong man. You cannot endure what that man has endured. He is a political enigma. An institution to be studied. In all these things, he remains calm. No court case, no agitation. Each time you see him, easy going, but brave. Gently talking but lion hearted.

There is no politician in Nigeria that has suffered accusation and character assasination like ANDY Ubah (If you know tell me). Andy Ubah can never commit half of the atrocities both Rochas and Obiano committed in their states respectively, yet nobody talks.

Let us try that demon, after all, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. His devilish powers can still be subdued by the power of God. Character Assasination cannot stop divine arrangement. Malignment and accusations don’t reverse divine ordination.

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The more you hate him, the more he becomes popular. The more you’re trying to destroy him, thebmore he’s gaining momentum. As evil as he is, many people are decamping their parties to identify eith him. What did they see in this man Andy? There is more to Andy Ubah than we ever know.

Even if Andy Ubah does not win the election, let it be on record that he is not as bad as he has been painted. We have passed that level of politics in Anambra state. He is so hated and maligned because of his church and we know the direction all those things are coming from. Know this and know peace.

The same thing Fulani people are doing in Nigeria, is the same thing we are suffering in the east. That’s how we’ll have Biafra. I’m waiting for Biafra for your information. It is no longer business as usual. No matter how bad Andy Ubah is painted, we will vote him.

We understand politics and We know better…

Rev’d Fr Obi Chindo
Prolocutor for the Poor and the Marginalized/Political Analyst

AD 2021

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