Aburi Accord, Hypocrisy Of The Nigerian Goverment With Gowon And Zik’s Betrayal.

Do you know that azikiwe was part of the plan for biafra separation and even one of the person’s who composed biafra anthem, but they used (NCNC) party to deceive him.

Mbonu ejike died trying to defend zik, because he was under oath. The British secret service agency blackmailed zik and threatened to expose the loan deal he has with (Africa bank) he collected to fund his party politics if he doesn’t support one Nigeria and denounce biafra.

http://Aburi Accord, Hypocrisy Of The Nigerian Goverment With Gowon And Zik’s Betrayal.

The loan zik collected was so much and they knew he wouldn’t be able to repay back the money. Zik became so afraid and turned against ojukwu, and started campaiging for one nigeria.This is a British secret service agency gotten information.

Now let’s go back to the Abburi Accord of January 4/ 5 1967. Which was (Under the watch Of General Joseph Ankrah Of Ghana, the then president) Aburi Agreement was a Purely Constitutional Document that seeked to achieve decentralized form of government with the aim of handing the regions some level of autonomy in their quest for social, political, economic independence.

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Ojukwu presenting aburi Accord documents to the world.

This was a constitution carefully and clarely written signed, agreed upon but the hypocrisy of nigeria and the british quashed the constitution away which lead to the killing of over 5 million innocent biafrans and they Starved thousands Of biafran kids to dead.

Yakubu Gowon
Yakubu Gowon

What was their Crime Yakubu Gowon and the nigerian government said biafrans committed ??? They wanted to be on their own and govern themselves. Yakubu Gowon really has so tough questions to answer. This is the worst and the most senseless war i have ever read of as a world recorgnised writer and faster reader. Biafrans after the israelites are the most hated and enviest of the world because of their diverse talent and dogedness.

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The people i will forever live to defend, Biafra is the air that we now breathe and as a people. It really hurts that that nobody wants to talk about the injustice mated on them. In the year, 1970 never mattered how much biafrans had in the bank even if you had billion nigerian pounds or one million, thousand.


The panel didn’t care and gave biafrans only 20 pounds. This was in stark contrast of the “No Victor, No Vanquished” Speech by a Yakubu Gowon that eeserved to be hanged for deliberately causing a war that destroyed millions and millions of souls and the subsequent hypocritical reconciliation, reconstruction, and rehabilitation progrom which was just a ‘Hoax ‘ and till date it is still the first ever (Okoto Meow Talk Ever). Gowon is evil and he and the British government committed the world worst progrom that nobody wants to talk about but as far as there is still life the biafra is in high spirit and in truth.

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Gowon must be asked some serious questions.

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