5 Businesses You Can Start At Home During This Lockdown With Just N10,000 Only.

http://5 Businesses You Can Start At Home During This Lockdown With Just N10,000 Only.

Lots of people have been out of business since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown. Except you are extremely rich, saved up, into agro or food business, good at budgeting or earn money from social media; you will agree that things are getting difficult. People are getting laid off here and there.

The painful part of the matter is the incessant inflation of prices of basic commodities. You will agree that any job that brings money is a welcome development at this point.

1. Opay mobile money agent

Opay is owned by Opera. As an agent, you can do the following after getting the P.O.S

a. Sell Data

b. Sell airtime

c. Pay NEPA bill

d. Pay for GOTV, DSTV and Startimes

e. Invest in Owealth and receive interest

f. Order food

g. Order Oride

h. Apply for loan

I. Bet

All you need to do is open an Opay account for free by:

A. Download Opay app from Google play store

B. Sign up with a functional phone number

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C. Follow the instructions and upgrade your customer levels to KYC 3 by uploading your passport, ID card and utility bill.

D. Click on become an agent and apply for a P.O.S

E. You will be contacted via email on where to pick up your P.O.S

You can start by funding your account with six to eight thousand naira.

2. Opera news hub content creator.

This is another source of income from Opera. You get paid for your hobby. To become an Opera news hub content creator, you need an Opay account. Here’s how to become a certified content creator.

A. Download opera news from Google play store.

B. Sign up

C. Apply to be a verified content creator by following the instructions and filling the necessary forms.

D. Remember to use a functional Opay account.

E. Publish your first article.

You have to understand that you aren’t the only content creator on Opera news. Therefore, your contents must be relevant, interesting, entertaining and informative. Write about things that fascinate you. The amazing thing is that you can be an opera news content creator as well as an Opay mobile money agent. All from home. Isn’t that amazing? All you need is data. Opera news won’t take money from you.

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3. YouTube content creator.

For this you only need a phone with good camera quality. You also need data and a YouTube channel. Since kids are at home, you can post videos of your tutorials. Kids videos are really lucrative. You can go to NERDC website and copy out the curriculum for all classes. Choose an area you can and teach. You can make it interesting by adding assignments. You can then begin your next with the corrections to the assignment. Below are the instructions on how to begin;

A. Download YouTube from Google play store

B. Sign up and create your own channel

C. Upload your first video

D. Share link on all your social media handles

E. Monetize your channel

F. Advertise related items on your channel for a fee.

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G. You can link your YouTube channel to opera news as well.

4. Pure water sale in bags (sachet water)

A bag of pure water costs about 100 naira from the company. 2,000 will get you twenty bags that can be sold at 120 per bag giving you 20 naira per bag which is 400 naira gain. 10,000 naira bags will give you a total of 2,000 gain. Selling singly gives more gain.

5. Airtime sale (retail)

You can buy paper card from wholesalers and resell and make gain. Your Opay account can also do this, you will notice airtime is discounted in your Opay account. You can sell at the normal rate and make gain but it’s virtual (no paper).

The amazing thing is you can do all of this at once increasing your income while you are at home.

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