3RD WORLD WAR JUST AHEAD – Evang. Matthew Owojaiye.

Christians in Nigeria are so naive. Islamic Nations have armed themselves to the teeth preparing for the war! It is in the Quoran and the Muslims believe it and are preparing for it, economically, politically and militarily!

The Christians are undermining each other and preaching theories! Third World War is around the corner! The battle of Armageddon is staring us in the face and we are still joking.

Muslims have killed hundreds of CHRISTIANS in southern Kaduna! Not even a demonstration has taken place! They’re testing the ground!

Trump will break AMERICA away from the UNITED NATIONS that is a precursor to the emergence of the Anti Christ!

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There will be a physical war! Israel is preparing! CHRISTIANS should prepare for a real battle!

In Nigeria, islam is looking for a foothold in Port Harcourt. They need a sea port for the war in that flank! Already, they have Lagos!

Most people in the Defence in Nigeria are Muslims .They have scattered the well armed FULANI Herdsmen all over Nigeria!

We are already hedged in, surrounded on all sides! They have been testing the ground at all fronts.

The Middle Belt has been a problem to them, but now we are almost finished and there is nobody to help us!

Customs and Immigration are in the hands of the enemy! They can bring anything in.

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Let us not trust Europe! They have become godless, ready to accommodate our opponents rather than us!

This is why I do not mind if Nigeria is divided so the christian countries out of Nigeria can sign a Defence Pact with AMERICA and Israel!

Watch out! Europe will break into two. Those who will stand with Israel, America and part of Nigeria! Are you listening?

Prepare yourself! Will the Anti Christ emerge before Armageddon, or is the reason for the 7 year Peace Deal?

Do not be caught unaware!

Learn from Joshua and Moses. Moses was praying, Joshua was fighting!

Those who will pray should pray! Those who are to release funds should release funds! Those who are to fight should fight!

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There is a spiritual side, there is a political side!

Those who are to do the physical fighting should do so!

Make sure you forward this important message to all your Christians friends & family.

What are your thoughts?