100 Achievers Extols Chief Ugochukwu Okeke (Enyioha) @ 51


…Says he is truly a political role model and represents the finest breed in Nigerian politics.

…Urge upcoming politicians to understudy him

The 100 Achievers Team has felicitated with Chief Ugochukwu Okeke who turned 51 today ,the 30th May 2021, describing him as a role model who has played exemplary politics devoid of bitterness and shenanigans.

In a release by Barr Lizzy Anyaonu,the group praised Chief Ugochukwu Okeke (Enyioha) for living a life of sacrifice in politics and as a private individual. They also appreciated him for his enormous contribution towards the progress of the country particularly where it relates to party development in Nigeria.

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The group further urged PDP to see ways they can leverage Chief Ugochukwu Okeke’s wealth of experience in politics and advised they seek ways such experience will be useful in furtherance of harmonious co-existence at intra and inter party levels and stated that true to the word,nobody will dispute the fact that chief Ugochukwu Okeke has remained loyal to his conscience and the dictates of party and in no small way continues to contribute to the growth of the People’s Democratic party since 1999 without wavering.

Speaking further, they admonished all the political actors in Anambra especially those who are playing active part in November 6th governorship election to learn from the kind of attitude Enyioha has developed for politics adding that such is the kind of politics that can bring development to any country.

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They also commended him for being a bridge builder in the PDP and wondered why the leadership of the party at national and state level have not deemed it necessary to recognize the great role chief Enyioha has played in sustaining the ideals of the party.

Concluding, the group urged younger generation of politicians to go close to characters like Chief Enyioha who have continued to build the party with truth , honesty and loyalty adding that it can only be through the steady pursuit of these ideals that a country can attain greatness

They prayed God to grant him strength with which he will continue to contribute his quota to national development through strengthening of the party politics .

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