Yemi Osibanjo’s Travail a Campaign of calumny for 2023 says Group

Vice President Yemi  Osibanjo’s  Travail  is  a  Campaign of  calumny for 2023, for  an  easy  ride to Power ,  for  a  religious  fate  realization
and  concretization, an assemblage of  civil  society  organizations in Nigeria  led by an Igbo  Group,    has  alerted.

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo
Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

An assemblage  of  civil  society organizations  in Nigeria comprising :  Voice  from the  East-VEAST, Civil Liberties Organization –CLO, Rights  of  Man Keep-ROMKEEP, Civil Liberties  and Democracy  Advocates  -CLADA, People’s Mandate-PM  and  Voice  of  the Voiceless- VOV , have  given a graphic analysis of  the  state  of the  nation with  particular  reference  to  the happenstances in Aso Rock over the  fate  of  the  Vice  President  – Professor  Yemi Osinbajo  sequel to  motley  of accusations  and  counters for  a month  now . 

The  group  looked into  the  claims  by  the purveyors of  such  accusations  on the  personality of  Osinbajo  and  came to a  conclusion  that  it  is  a  scheme  against  2023  not particularly  targeted  at  the  personality of  the  Vice President per se, but  on  his faith  which is the indubitable  reason  for  his current  fate. 

The  group  maintains  that  Osinbajo  has reintegrated  to  the  medulla oblongata  of  who ever  cares  to listen,  that  he  is  not interested in the  2023  Presidency, yet the schemers  would  not  sheathe  their  swords. Why, one  may wont  to  ask ?  It  is  embedded in a  master piece of religious connotation clandestinely envisioned to complete  an age  old agenda of  1804,  the  group  asserts . Speaking  further , the  group clarifies that  what  has set  teeth  on edge  is  mono – intoned  in faith due to  fate  of the one  calling  the  shot which  the schemers  adduce  is  hanging  on  the  balance, the  boomerang  of which would  automatically  project  Osinbajo to  be  so  chronicled similitude of  Jonathan- Yar’Adua  pull-drag. 

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The  group  then points  out  that  what  is  happening  to Osinbajo  is not  targeted at Osinbajo  , but  on his  faith  which  positions  him to benefit the  Jonathan’s way,  an altercation that  brought  red eyes  in  the worship  centers  of  the  moon and  sword world  which pulled  hair out  that  a repeat  scenario  would  only  be accepted as a  hopson choice  divinely enforced, at least  not  when  they  are  still calling  the  shots  cabalistically.

The  group  further  examines  that Osinbajo being touted to  be replaced  by  a  tribesman  in  the  same  gab of  faith  is  more acceptable to  the  power  drunk  religious  chauvinists gallivanting all the  arenas of  muruna-tawriya-takiya  tripartite  sabbre- rattlings. The  group  maintains  that  this  is  where  the  grown serpent  lies, and  not  on the  ethnocentric  lines of Osinbajo’s locale  which  is  neither  here  nor  there when  the religious chips are  down.

They  war lords  at Aso Rock rocking  the  boat  for Osinbajo  the  group  laments,   know  that  he  is  educationally sound, and  so, would  not  play  the  guitars  of  erudition for Nigerians  to  dance,  but  would  rather prefer  the  metaphor of giving-  a-  dog-  a – bad – name-  to-  hanging-  it  when  the  post – dated  rubbicon  is  crossed to  achieve  both  national and international  equanimity that  would then calm frayed nerves  on the  prejudice that  the  racked  was  based  on  judicial  precedence of  equity  and  fairness.

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Speaking on  the  group’s agenda  for  this  publication , Convener of  Voice  from the East- VEAST , Comrade  Kindness  Jonah  said :

‘‘‘Larking  on  the sound  policies  by  Osinbajo when his boss was away  that  shook  the  very  foundations  of  the disciples of peace – be  -upon –him  , when  he  removed DSS  director –Lawal  Musa Daura  and  Secretary General of  the  Federation, Babachir  Lawal over  glaring  cases  of  corruption and  abuse of office, the helmsman  purportedly  hid  his ravenous  instinct  for  a  better time  when  his  actions  cannot  be  otherwise  conotated, which is  the  dance  in the village  square  Osinbajo  seems  to  be dancing  now. Convoluted  contours  of  dissuasion  intertwined with politics  are  called into  play  to  redirect  the  gullible
Nigerian to a  free from sectional cum  religious  bias  in limbo  in
this  side  Jordan .

The tactical amputation of  Osinbajo’s controlling  institutions  such as Presidential  Committee  on Asset Recovery  taken  from Osinbajo  to  the  Ministry  of  Justice  headed by a  religious  five –and –six, as well as  the establishment of  a new Economic  Advisory  Council  to  silence  the  constitutionally approved  National Economic  Council  headed  by  the Vice  President since  both are supplementary  to each other, are  signposts  of  a
counter  uhuru stance  of  political  gladiation  in Aso Rock , courtesy  of  Yemi Osinbajo.

This  group  of ethno-religious sectionists  as convex contours  to  Osinbajo’s  political existentiality  in Aso Rock  is  a  carnivorous assemblage  of cemented  molars  to  tear  the  faith  of  Osinbajo  to  the smithereens ,  and  worsen  his  fate  to  clear  political borders for  a  smooth  sail  of the  same  faith  of  ‘a  religion of  peace in  the numbers  one  and  two  ideologically,  but  deceptively helmed  in  on quality rather than  platonically negativizing sectional  or tribal  interests. Thus , the  gullible  is  led  by the  garden path on  the  contour  of  the –more  -you-look-the -less-you-see.

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Zoning  Presidency  to  the  South  is not  really  the issue , but  the religion of  the  Presidency  and  the  Vice  in 2023, which is expected to  both sing  the  same glorious  song  or dirge  together in the  same  religious  intonation. This  is  the animate sore point  on  Osinbajo’ political  skin now  arching  him. The  dings  and  dents  of  this  infighting  are  nothing  when
compared with  the  envisaged  Nigeria being  bifurcated  ruled by both  President and  Vice  from the  same religion. 

The  political flunkeys  also  reasoned  that  in  the  case  of  undeserved eventuality  as  a  concatenation of  humanly  uncontrollable  atoms as  in the  chew  of  Gordian nut, Osinbajo must  not  be allowed  to run  the  relay race    Jonathan ran, meaning : he has to  be  made a  loop  in  the  mathematical  network  analysis  of politics  early enough ,  in  replacement  with  some one  who  holds  the  sword and  fights  in  the  moon as  the  only  allowable  sina  qua non for  a  peaceful  coexistence in any  locally  in the  whole  planet earth ,  housing  these  children,  as apostles  of  1804 . ’’’

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