Today, the 19th day of November, annually is a day set aside globally as the world international men’s day . The day when about 60 nations all over the world including Nigeria set aside to promote and appreciate the male gender.
This recognition has its origin traced back  to the 90s with the objective of promoting positive male role models in the society.
It is a day set aside to foster dialogue about issues affecting men which includes mental health, parental alienation, homelessness, suicide, violence, and abuse of all sorts. It is an awareness day to promote men’s general wellbeing, their need for spiritual growth, emotional, social, and physical health.
19th November is a day to show love and appreciation to men all over the world for their unquantifiable contributions and achievements in children’s up bringing which translates to happy homes, families, marriages, communities, states, nations and  the entire globe. 
That not withstanding, Nigeria joins other countries all over the world to also mark
World sanitation day today as well with emphasis on putting a stop to open defeacation . Campaign to raise awareness towards the importance of safe sanitation and grean healthy environment which is paramount as recommended by the world health organization and a key pillar in Proffessor Chukwuma Soludo’s vision for ndi Anambra.
 Many Homes operating with no toilet facility are being remembered and the need for well meaning individuals, associations and government at at all levels to reach out in providing them with toilets for good hygiene concludes the reason for this initiative geared towards enhancing their healthy living and also for those within the same neighbourhood with them. Little wonder the World Health Organization teaches that a safely managed toilet with  good sanitation guarantees free protection of our ground water. A testament of  Governor Soludo when the solution team came on board with the disruptive change mantra to achieve Mr. Governor’s vision of a clean, green, healthy and prosperous Anambra State.
It is no coincidence therefore that today is also the birthday of Dr. Onyekachukwu Ibezim, the Deputy Governor of Anambra State.
Dr. Ibezim has lived a life of service as a medical Doctor from his days at the Ministry of Defence pulling out at directorate level to come and serve his people . He has served Anambra in various capacities in the last Nine years. In Anambra state he was the first Special Adviser to the Governor on Youth Empowerment,  first Special Adviser to the Governor on Youth Mobilization, first Special Adviser to the Governor on Indigenous Medicine. Executive Director Anambra State Agency for the Control of AIDS (ANSACA) and Pioneer Managing Director Anambra State Oxygen Production Plant which kept lots of people alive during the COVID 19 Pandemic . These assigments he was never found wanting in his responsibilities. Surfice it to say that he delivered conscientiously.
Today, Dr. Ibezim is supporting Prof. Chukwuma Soludo in his vision of a livable and prosperous Anambra State as his ever loyal lieutenant. 
We pray to God to continue to shower his wisdom and grace on Dr. Onyekachukwu Ibezim as he celebrates today with a renewed vigour to continue to serve Ndi Anambra.
Happy Birthday Dr. Onyekachukwu Gilbert Ibezim, KSP . Deputy Governor Anambra state.


Written by:
Assistant Chief Information Officer . Office of the Deputy Governor of Anambra State.

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