Woman imprisoned for 2 yrs, delivers in prison after standing surety for husband

For a 35-year-old petty trader, Bose Abiodun, resident of Ijebu Jesa, Osun State, life was good, as almost all basic necessities to make living enjoyable were within the reach.

The mother of three male children was actually not rich, but she was not poor and the funds coming from groceries she was dealing in, the support from Femi Abiodun, her hardworking husband, as well as tailoring job she was doing by the side, were enough to meet the needs of the family.

In preparation for the time her children would go into secondary school, when there would certainly be more demand, Bose and her husband were already planning on how to expand her business in the hope of better earnings.

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Femi, who had been married to Bose for five years was a farmer, which he combined with hunting.

While the family of five looked up to a beautiful future with dreams of better life, tragedy struck. The head of the household during a hunting expedition had mistaken a human being for an animal and shot the person dead.

The incident which happened sometime in January, 2014, disrupted all plans already mapped out by the couple and all the beautiful promises that life had offered them immediately disappeared and they were replaced with regrets and gnashing of teeth.

After his arraignment before court, Femi was remanded in Ilesha Custodial Centre, where he spent over one year before bail could be secured for him.

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