Why Many Were Killed At A Burial Ceremony In Ebenebe, Anambra State


A young man known as Godwin Okpala gives an account of how his cousin was murdered by the unknown gunmen who invaded a burial ceremony in Ebenebe.

“This man, Ozor Chibuike Chukwuka, brought about the
killing of over 20 persons in his burial.

“He is from my town. He was a
member of a strong cult, he was feared by all, and very dangerous, he
was even among those that led gangs to kill police, burn their stations
and cart their guns away that many of our people were hailing, then
later he died by the sword, he was shot dead in December, and his
rival gangs warned that he should not be giving a proper burial. they
warned that if they do, many heads will fall, and it did fall. They carried
out their threat. And now many innocent people that knew nothing
were among the dead. My own cousin was among the dead. Very bad
day in Ebenebe.”

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