Why I’m Calling for Immediate Cease-Fire in Gaza – Amb. Iwunwa

By Obinna Onuorah


As the Israeli government continues its military onslaught against Palestinian militant organization Hamas in Gaza, Dr. Uba Iwunwa (Queen Ugobeze), a Nigerian-Canadian Peace Ambassador, has intensified her campaign for an immediate cease-fire to end the bloodletting in the besieged city.
Uba, the founder and chairperson of Ikenga Abiama Dynasty Foundation, a Non-governmental organization championing her humanitarian activities in Nigeria, said in a statement issued on Monday from her base in Canada that the conflict has taken an increasing toll on innocent people, especially women, children and aged.
The Music Artist, Actress, and the #1 International bestseller author spoke even as the Israeli military continued to tighten its grip on Gaza, in an effort to flush out Hamas terrorists in the tunnels beneath the city. Although Israel has disclosed plans to expand the humanitarian window in the Gaza battle for seven hours as thousands of Palestinians flee to the south, Uba insisted that nothing short of an immediate cease-fire will ameliorate the already worsened humanitarian crisis in the city.
“I have watched the ongoing war in Gaza which has resulted in avoidable waste of human lives and property with a broken heart. As a mother, a spouse, a sister and a daughter and a global peace ambassador, I feel compelled to call for urgent action from all sides to end this bloodbath in Gaza. The fact that most victims of this war have been innocent bystanders to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, has made it imperative that we all join this campaign to end this bloody war. My heart bleeds for all the innocent children facing untimely death, children crying for peace”, she said.
The Ikenga Abiama Dynasty boss further disclosed the reason she was campaigning for a cease-fire despite the political undertone of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East. “I’m championing this cause because first of all, I am a humanitarian leader, a queen of peace, and someone who values human lives and the freedom that comes with it above every other thing. As a world peace ambassador, I always stand on the truth and what is right; and I believe that violence can never defeat peace because where there is peace, there is unity, and progress.

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“For years, I have been praying and calling for genuine efforts to end constant suffering and blood shedding in Gaza. I still believe that someday, all the people in the region will find ways to accommodate one another and live peacefully. Until then, let us join together and raise a voice for peace. Let there be peace in every nation of the world; let there be world peace.

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