Viral nude video of Ms Ogochukwu: Take a bow, and sin no more By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

Viral nude video: Sex is food and food is sex depending on the perspective one looks at it. A good combination is good health. This is my final verdict. Ask our forefathers. Those who love it understood this point. Those who like it agree with this point but those who detest it either for religious reasons, frustrations of life or myopic view of life and other sundry issues will never see anything good in sex.

And it becomes a different ball game if the sex is truly love making. I am not talking about the adventures, heart pounding, and the thrills but the essence. I see sex in the perspective of those stealing the forbidden food while love making is for those who have done the necessary traditions that gave them right over a girl. But whichever group you belong, your cup of tea.

Healthy quality sexual life is like a medicine that activates relationships and there are people with high libido. Like it or leave it, they must satisfy their urge.

Sex related issues have enjoyed so much framing by the public that it becomes a taboo to enjoy one’s life, the way one wanted it hence so much pretences. Christianity is another opium that has made people pretend in public but they are worse than dogs inside. Prominent personalities have been disgraced simply for sex and yet many more would be disgraced especially in this digital era where almost everything is possible.

Pastors have been ruined. Presidents of Countries embarrassed. Lawmakers, traders and students shamed.  We all remember the Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. In Nigerian we remember the sex scandal of the political class, various sex for mark scandals in our Universities and churches.


There would be no sex or love making without communication. Nowadays communication has gone digital with the social media. There are different types of Social Media Communication outlets starting from social networks like Facebook , Twitter etc and Blogging and publishing networks like WordPress , Dating sites like Badoo where men and women hook up most times for illicit sex to mention but a few.

If sex happens without communication and mutual consent, then it is likely to be rape which is liable to 14 years in prison. Facebook, an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo Park, California founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Harvard College students is the trend for sexting.

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Nigerians as a people have abused the social network though still a source of blessing to millions of Nigerians too. Can we even now imagine our lives without the social media? It is a necessary evil to be manipulated according to user’s discretion. It’s not all roses.

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Despite being a journalist, I lost so many valuable friends because of my inability to be online as expected to chat with friends and well-wishers on Facebook.  Even when I am a blogger, I rarely visit Facebook to better relationship with fans and foes alike. It is painful but the reality. I was not addicted. Imagine few days after my birthday which was on 28th March 2019, I have not gone to thank those who wished me well. It’s not fair but what can I do?  I apologize to my friends and associates on Facebook for this shortcoming, yet they stand by me.

We have seen cyberstalking and Cyberbullying because predators of sex, job applicants, Greedy merchants to mention but a few are on the prowl seeking who to devour on the net for netizens to the extent that some even kill their Facebook friends. And victims who survive rape in the hands of these bullies have gone the extra miles of killing themselves by committing suicide.

Students waste their precious time on social media talking irrelevant things or slay queens looking for men to dupe and men looking for greedy slay queens to have sex with or use for ritual among other things that add no value to their lives. People are now more addicted to the Social media than cigarettes and alcohol especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Can this generation ever detox from the social media?

Technology of the Social Media has assisted in health talks, business promotion, contact and mobilization, saves time like rather than travel to Lagos for a business, one can do video conferencing and what have you. But the spread of fake news is affecting all spheres of the social media. It is another puncher derailing its benefits and when you discover that over 3 Billion people across the world spend an average of an hour a day on net as revealed by BBC, you marvel.

I was in pains. I couldn’t get myself controlled as I was livid that a man could invite a lady, a beautiful lady for that matter and allow her to be disgraced for whatever it is worth.

It is written in the bible: “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Gospel of John 8 verse 7. Do you remember this verse and the story about Jesus Christ and the woman taken in for adultery? Be reminded that Jesus did not argue with anybody when He was told that the woman was caught in adultery. He said alright before asking those who were without sin to throw the first stone. They all disappeared because they were all sinners though in secret. Jesus looked up and asked the woman, ‘where were you accusers but they were gone. And Jesus told the adulterous woman that her sins have been forgiven and she should go and sin no more.

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This is why Ms Ogochukwu Okafor, the young mother of a six-year-old boy filmed nude in Amawbia Anambra State in a video that went viral on the internet should stand and take a bow. She did not contemplate taking her life for that expose like many would want to, but rather resorted to law, despite that her nude video was viral.

The incident was not only ‘unfortunate, repugnant but targeted at ruining the image of Ogochukwu, who claimed to be a widow having lost her husband after the birth of her first son. She even has an Ordinary National Diploma Certificate (ND), though unemployed. Remember, she was on invitation, all the way from Ogidi to see her Facebook friend and this is what she got. Girls, ladies beware!

I support Okafor’s decision to go to court for redress, as the humiliation was beyond imagination.  Hear her: “I am a single mother. I lost my husband and I am just struggling to take care of my boy who is just six years old. I feel terrible, I feel disorganised; if it is just my face, I would have endured it; but my nakedness all over the place! They have ruined my career both in Nigeria and outside the country”.

My intern, Cynthia Chidinma Igbokwe wanted to go and pick up the case on behalf of the molested and was wondering what kind of a man was Ifeanyi Azotani that his guest would be so embarrassed and disgraced yet he calls himself a man. She was curious and asked rhetorically, ‘’Oh! My God, will Ogochukwu Okafor finish the ‘penis’ to warrant this humiliation? I agree less as no amount of off shoot could finish the ‘penis’ for Mrs Azotani’’.

The morality of wrong or right isn’t why this piece is all about but to encourage Miss Ogochukwu Okafor to push off the stigma no matter how painful it may be and ride on with her life as only good things henceforth shall await her and her only son. Even if she is a prostitute, she deserves some honour and respect as a human being. She should henceforth be wary of those she meets on Facebook.

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Coincidentally, the female molester answers Ogochukwu, same name with the victim. SP Haruna Mohammed, the Police Public Relations Officer confirmed Ogochukwu Nwankwo and Mrs Tochukwu Azotani locked the helpless Miss Okafor in the toilet and returned four hours later with a cane and opened the bathroom door, beating her up , stripped her and videoed her nude before blackmailing her to pay the sum of N60, 000 or have her humiliation video pushed to the internet.

Why would Mrs Nwankwo cry more than the bereaved? Is it out of pity or out of jealousy that she is sharing Ifeanyi with another woman aside his wife? Why stripping her naked after the flogging when she came in peace but meant business?

Why would Tochukwu ask Okafor for money even if it is one kobo? Now that they have posted the clip online, what next? Nothing else because she has gotten her punishment outright, right or wrong! Okafor’s sins have ended but that of Tochukwu, Ifeanyi and Nwankwo just begun. They would reap what they have sowed. Already the police have paraded them as common criminals with hundred others.

Ogochukwu Nwankwo, who flogged the victim, said she wasn’t aware that her action would assume a “regrettable dimension.” She said it was a transferred aggression from her estranged husband who left her and took away her son. ‘’….my sister called me for help that her husband had been sleeping around with this lady and that got me angry. When I got there, the lady ran into the toilet and locked the door and I asked her to come out and flogged her, but I was not the person that sent out the video”. Does this not speak volumes of her character?

Why would Mr Ifeanyi Azotani invite his Facebook friend and a female for that matter in their house only to humiliate her before her wife Tochukwu? Isn’t Ifeanyi a fool?

The Anambra Commissioner of Police, Rabiu Ladodo, who paraded Azotani, his wife, Tochukwu and her friend Ogochukwu for the act, was embittered. Why would Ifeanyi expose his family this way thinking he is dealing with the girl probably for getting good chunk of cash off him in the past without maximum satisfaction or so it looked?

Whether Ifeanyi and wife get one year or nine years in prison for assaulting Okafor Ogochukwu, at Ezimezi village in Amawbia state is immaterial because the whole world now know that Ifeanyi is into women and the wife isn’t woman enough for him, right?

Miss Okafor is a single woman or a widow if you prefer that term and is free for whatever she cares Church or no church teachings and it was established that Ifeanyi invited her to his house not that she barged in.

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