Use calligraphy to promote Nigeria’s image –Artist urges youths


Alfa-Faruk Umar, founder/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alfaruk Gallery and Studios, on Sunday in Abuja advised Nigerian youths to use calligraphy art to project the country’s image positively.

The artist gave the advice at a solo exhibition of luxury “Islamic Calligraphy Artworks to the Glorification of the Almighty“.

He said that youth should share in the vision of a new Nigeria, that President Bola Tinubu was advancing, adding that it was people’s responsibility to strive to make the nation great among comity of nation.

“If we don’t start now, when do we start, what legacy do we intent to leave for our children.

“I have found myself in the creative sector, the art sector, it is my commitment to use it to strive for positive impact and promote my immediate environment and the larger world.

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“It is time to show the world what Nigerians are made of; this is a call to promote national unity, let’s use our talent to promote the country and get a nation that we desire.

“Some of the arts work I did mirror the world with light, educate us and teach us to be thankful to God for all what he has done for us’’, he said.

The Calligraphic Artist, Alfa-Faruk Umar (Left), Abdulfatai Adeyemi, Director for counseling, Arts and Culture with the International Centre for Islamic Culture and Education (ICICE), Middle and Ahmed Sodangi, Director-General, National Gallery of Arts (Right)

The Director-General, National Gallery of Arts, Mr Ahmed Sodangi, also advised every upcoming artist to let the creativity run in them, adding that government was ready to support, and add value to their works.

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He said that the government has the mind to harness creativity in the country hence the creation of Ministry of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy.

“Creating this ministry is a deliberate attempt by the current administration this is because this administration understands the value of the creative industry.

“As government, we have a certain reach that certain individual do not have, that synergy can only improve and add value to the industry, the art space has grown tremendously beyond our imagination.

“A lot of artists now do their exhibitions; the number of art work that leaves this country is mind boggling.

“What we want to do is to see how we can step in as government and add value, provided it is certified and recognised by this agency,” he said.

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Sheikh, Abdulfatai  Adeyemi, Director, Counseling, Arts and Culture, International Centre for Islamic Culture and Education (ICICE), commended the artist for coming up with such work.

He said Umar has created genre for himself, stressing that the materials used for the art work were beyond the ordinary.

“I can see that the artist’s creativity; it is something that is full of much ideas. He has been able to create a niche for himself.

“He has been able to develop a style for himself and this is part of what we would like to encourage among the young creative individuals.

“We’ve got calligraphy in so many forms. There is English calligraphy, there is Arabic calligraphy and there is also Chinese calligraphy; “we also have the Aljamin calligraphy.

“I encouraged the youth to buy into calligraphy to promote this country’s image,” he said.

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