Unbelievable! This is simply mind blowing, An Igbo man built all these in America?

Dr. Godwin Maduka

Dr. Godwin Maduka

In our cosmology, old age is respected, but achievement is revered. Being the owner of six massive hospitals with state of the art facilities in the United States is not an easy feat even for a white American. It becomes an extraordinary feat when it is owned by an Igboman, someone who broke barriers and shattered ceilings to get to the zenith of his discipline.

Dr Godwin Maduka is not just a doctor, but a numero uno in pain management in the world.This video is a must watch so you can see the 6 medical centres he built in America and be inspired for greater heights.

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This Man is a testament to the fact that nothing is wrong with the DNA of a blackman, that he can achieve extraordinary things and contribute to human advancement. Dr Maduka is not just a brand ambassador for Nigeria but for the entire black race. His name is a thing of pride for black people everywhere in the world.

Watch video of What Dr Godwin Maduka has achieved in America as a black man.

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