Those who seek disunity in Ekwulobia town should be disgraced by God – Amudo Chairman


Dr. Emmanuel Ezenwafor

The Amudo-Umuchi village election was keenly contested amidst presence of who is who in Amudo, the leaders of thoughts and all stakeholders of the community were heavily present early this year to take a decision on who leads the community for the next three years.

Dr. Emmanuel Chikwado Ezenwafor
Amudo Chairman, Dr. Emmanuel Chikwado Ezenwafor

The election was reportedly the most keenly contested one in the history of Amudo, due to various interests. But the greater majority of the community chose Emmanuel Chikwado Ezenwafor (PhD) in the majority vote cast as he was returned to office for the second term.

Constitutionally, a term of service in Amudo is for three years with chance to re-contest after first tenure.

Some members of the Amudo community who spoke to Newsmen described their choice as the best on the grounds that they want a continuity of the great transformations that has taken place in Amudo-Umuchi in the last three years which according to them were possible under the leadership and watch of Mr. Chairman, Dr. Ezenwafor.

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Speaking shortly, Dr. Emmanuel Ezenwafor said: “We decided to seek the people’s mandate to continue. It was the people who saw our selfless services and dedication to the course of Amudo-Umuchi that insisted we should continue.

“A lot of job is yet to be done. We commenced our hall building almost at the foundation but I am glad to tell you that before Easter this year, we would have decked it. It is the Lord’s doing. So expect consistency in the area of transparency in handling the community’s finance and truthfulness in handling of all facets of Amudo-Umuchi village.

“Definitely, we will be more careful not to be derailed by all the negative forces that are not happy that for the first time Amaudo is making tremendous progress in all areas of the community.

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Speaking on the current state of things in Ekwulobia, and the way forward Dr. Ezenwafor  said: “The absence of peace in Ekwulobia should be a source of concern to all the true sons and daughters of the town. Any role that will be bestowed on us by God or man will have to be carried out in restoring peace to the ice peaceful town. I believe God is not sleeping on Ekwulobia issue. I also believe that peace is around the corner. My only prayer is that those who seek disunity in our town should be disgraced by God. Ekwulobia must have peace. And as “ndi Amudo” we will play our role in bringing peace to Ekwulobia. Nobody can stop that”.

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He thanked all stakeholders, members of the Amudo Development Union who gave their support to ensure his re- election as well as all the good people of Amudo-Umuchi village Ekwulobia for their resilience and doggedness in resisting even the money and other things being thrown around to entice people to vote their ‘anointed candidates’ sponsored by persons who are not indigenes of Amudo community for their selfish gains. He added that Amudo people have shown that they can stand and do the right thing even when enticed with money, motorcycles, promises to build houses for them and other things.

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