Things Innoson Motors Has To Get Right To Improve And Win The Hearts Of Car Buyers.

So what are the things Innoson needs to get right and improve on to completely buy the hearts of Nigerians and Africans?

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited (IVM) has been on the lips of Nigerians and Africans for a while now.

Let’s talk about them.

1. Get Rid Of The “Buy Nigerian Mentality”

I would say this first because all my points would be built on this. Innoson needs to understand that we shouldn’t buy their product because it is Nigerian, but because it is standard and most importantly safe.

When its safe and standard then we can consider “Buying Nigerian”.

2. Research and Development

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This should not be ruled out at all. They should be actively involved in Research and Development. We need to know they are making improvements, we need to know they are pushing the limits of technology or at least trying.

3. Auto Design

This has been talked about by so many people. They need to be innovative with their designs. While its normal in the tech and auto industry for companies to copy each other. It would be nice to get something unique from Innoson.

4. Tapping into the Bright Minds of Nigerians

How about launching an automobile design contests for Nigerian engineering students. The lecturers and the professors should not also be left out. This would encourage the students to be better and also give their company a boost.

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In Conclusion

This article is not to spite and talk down on Innoson and their efforts. Its just to make them understand that there are little steps they can take to make themselves more acceptable which would cost them little to nothing.

Their efforts so far is commendable, but they can do a lot better. We just have to stop being sentimental when it comes to Innoson.

What are your thoughts?