Obi Cubana or Peter Obi, who should be the face wealth

In this post are pictured two prominent people from Anambra State. Peter Obi on the left and Obi Cubana on the right.

Peter Obi, a portfolio investor and former governor of the state is frugal, sometimes miserly, visits schools, orphanages, churches and hospitals to make donations. Though his gestures get publicised from time to time, Mr. Obi, who loves a simple lifestyle isn’t loud about them.

On the right is Obi Cubana, an investor in hospitality and entertainment, who is younger and very recently hosted an ostentatious party to bury his mother where money and other material possessions were displayed and thrown about in a wild, obscene manner. Publicists of Cubana said he has started off dozens of young men in quick return business ventures. The review of the burial that took place at Oba, Anambra State is still a media rave.

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While Peter Obi represents the older generation of meticulous, reserved and wealthy class in Anambra, Obi Cubana is the picture of the typical young raucous nouveau riche Anambra person, who openly declare opulence.

The question is still raging. Which of the two is to be preferred? The quiet businessman who does not make a noise about his accomplishments or the loud wealthy businessman that pokes his newfound status in the face of everyone?

What are your thoughts?

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