The Effect Of Technology On Children- By Oguocha Chukwuebuka

The curious and inquisitive nature of children had brought them to a state of always wanting to explore attractive and stimulative ideas, not minding the strength and nature of it’s effect on them afterwards.

No doubt children are exposed to some certain societal vices, and to some extent vulnerable; therefore they should be guided and guarded through, or else a good child derails.

In the world where technology leads, many aspects of life has been technologically affected; whether positively or negatively, depending on the manner of use. In essence the impact of technology can be positive or negative, depending on how it was applied, and what purpose it was to serve.
Just as the adults, children also have found technology to be an interesting aid for easy achievements in diverse areas. In fact a lot of children are excessively into the use of technology more than required as developing children.

Just like the saying goes _ What ever has advantages also has a disadvantages. As good as technology is to mankind, so it has it’s bad sides; worst of it is it’s negative influence on the side of our children who ignorantly abuse the use of it.

Children who abuse the use of technology; thereby making excessive use of technology in diverse ways, are bound to face different challenges, physically, mentally, emotionally, and other wise.

Benjamin had been a regular customer to a popular restaurant few kilometers away from his house. During vacations, it became a habit, that he must visit the restaurant mostly in the morning, just to have a swell time with his video game, and to add to it, he treats himself with a bowl of ice cream, and sometimes a pack of popcorn.
Frank who had been observing Benjamin for some time took interest to call his attention on a Saturday morning: ” Hey young man don’t you have anything to do at home, on a Saturday morning?” Frank asked Benjamin who was about leaving with his ice cream.

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“No I don’t, my older siblings are there to handle things.” Benjamin answered and was about leaving. ” Please can I ask you.” Frank demanded.
” Yes, you can.”
” Why do you always come here to do nothing else, but to play video games, and you seem to be addicted to it.”
” I hate being distracted while am on it, that’s why I leave home. secondly I can’t do without it a day.” Benjamin answered.
” Then you need help, because you are rather destroying your self. You look unfit for my liking, because you are growing fat due to lack of physical activities. When was the last time you read a book?
It’s quite appalling, that a child as Benjamin, from the story, can’t do without playing video game. That is a good instance of negative effect of technology on children, no doubt.
There are a lot of negative impact of technology on children, aside the listed few.

  1. Change in the way they Interact or Socialise: A good number of children in our present generation, with the help of various social media platforms, rather enjoy associating and interacting with people who are more advanced, through this means many have been lured in to intimate affairs negatively affecting their lives, due to lack of direction. Many, especially the girls, who began to see their peers as no match to them.
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2 Health Problem: Research has shown that screen of devices emits harmful blue light that causes headache, eye strain, irritated eyes, even dizziness. A lot of people including adults, complain of headache the morning after seeing lots of movies the previous night, behind closed doors and Windows; not knowing it was the effect of what they enjoyed for hours.

  1. Impact on thinking ability: Heavy reliant on technology affect the way children think. Children are bound to lose their creative power when they are solely dependent on technological devices, that they think superficially against thinking critically.
  2. Emotional Effect: Technology to a better extent has stimulating power. Spending more time on line, Seeing emotional adult movies can influence a child, therefore create negative mood, that he or she would want to emulate, and act upon what is seen. It can also lower children’s frequency of interacting with their peers, which can develop negative consequences even as they grow up.
    This is not to say children should never use technology, as it can also be used to solve so many problems, and bring answers to many of their questions. Of course their are tons of positive opportunities for learning through technology, but this can have more effect when the under listed are considered.
  • Children should be monitored, and make sure they use any technological gadgets appropriately for their best interest.
  • Parents or Guardian should set daily limits, for the use of any devices accessible by their children, as this will curb abusing the use of technology.
  • Children should be educated on the positive and negative effects of technology, this will prepare their mind on the best way to relate with technology.
  • Parents should Monitor the TV shows they watch; frown at the ones considered inappropriate, and encourage the preferable.
  • As a parent, you should also live by example, not be heavily reliant on technology, by so doing your wards tends to emulate you.
    Let’s save the children from becoming slaves to technology, and put them in charge of technology, by observing all that was discoursed for a better life.
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Chukwuebuka is a proficient writer, author of the book, ‘Happy At Last’ He is presently a serving corps member.

What are your thoughts?