The Benefits of having problems – Livy-Elcon Emereonye

Benefits of problems by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

Life is a complex that can be simplified by those who are ready and willing for such adventure; it is a mystery that can be demystified by earnest seekers who can pay the right price for the right purpose at the right time. Life is a bud of uncertainty – and every phase is full of problems. Problems are integral parts of the living process. They define life and make it worth living.

Everyone has problem(s) but some have more problems than others. As long as we live, we cannot run away from problems. Whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or deny it, we live with our problem(s).

The major difference between us is our understanding of a problem and what we make of it. A problem may be an opportunity at different points in a line or to different people at the same time or different time and space. This is why someone’s pain may be another person’s gain.

Invariably, we live in proportion to the problems we have and the solutions we provide. We can get the best out of the problem when we probe for solutions – real solutions. In other words, there is no problem without a solution especially to everyone that sees the problem as opportunity in disguise.

A problem can be anything or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. It can be a question raised for inquiry, consideration, or solution; a source of perplexity, distress, or vexation; a difficulty in understanding or accepting something. It can mean complication, dilemma, dispute, obstacle, trouble, a challenge or life-taking issue!

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The common feature of every problem is that it distorts the comfort equilibrium, affects the mindset and leads to realignment and adjustment. It takes away resources, energy and time. It brings about worry and unrest, sometimes leading to emotional disturbances and psychological defects.

There can be as many causes of problems as the number of problems themselves. Critically, every problem has its unique cause and peculiarity. An in-depth analysis through proper diagnosis will reveal the cause of the problem. However, every problem has the seed of its solution within it so when and where the cause is rightly known; the solution would not be farfetched. In other words, a problem well diagnosed is a problem half solved.

The problem we solve will make us prominent in addition to making us rich and wealthy. Yes, the only secret to wealth creation is problem solving. Solve a common problem and you will become rich. To create wealth, solve problems; to become wealthy, solve more problems. Discover a need and fill it – and in time. Time and space determine the outcome. Timely right action is the best approach.

In problem management, perception is the key. Those who perceive a problem as a challenge that must be overcome do better than those who see the problem as a difficulty to brood over. Except death, there is no problem without a solution. Therefore, when faced with a problem, however tough, embrace it from a winner’s mindset. Probe to know the what, where, why and how of the problem. Look at the timing and see if there is any peculiarity, semblance or happenstance and then search for the reasons for the occurrence. A critical analysis would provide some answers or a lead way to finding a real solution.

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Problem solving puts us into an active state. It activates our potential and causes us to think both with the box and without the box. A tough problem can birth an abstract thinking that may bring about creation or recreation.

Providing solutions to problems is the best path to a life of success. And the bigger the problem, the more the benefits. Therefore, face your problems, seek solutions and provide feasible and practical solutions for them. Embrace that difficult situation and turn it around for better. Eat the frog very well.

There are many strategies that can make solving a problem fun and more efficient. Two psychologically important ones are algorithms and heuristics. Others include abstraction, analogy, brainstorming, divide and conquer, hypothesis testing, lateral thinking, means-ends analysis, morphological analysis, and proof. Choose and use the one that suits you at every given time. You can switch from one strategy to another or even adopt more than one strategy to solve a problem. What matters is the result.

The problem we solve is the only thing that can make us relevant in the society. The lives we touch positively with our solutions are the real continuity factor we can bequeath mankind. The structures and monuments we build in solving problems will remain our lasting legacies.

Apart from making one prominent, problem solving equips for perpetual youthfulness inherent only in creative fecundity. When we go out to solve problems, we prepare ourselves for intensive research, the process of which broadens our scope and sharpens our horizon with radical thought processes that keep us active and alert on the continuum of imaginative ideation. And with every imagination our system is energized which is a boost for good health.

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It is better to be the person that solves problems than to create problems or be the problem itself. It pays to solve problems. Therefore, solve your problems and also try to solve other people’s problems. Triumph over that problem. You will gain many things when you solve problems. You will be celebrated when you overcome challenges.

Strive to make complex things simple. Give hope to people. Be a repository of confidence. Live in such a way that your name rings a bell, your presence commands respect and reassures peace. Be the soothing balm.

Endeavour to liberate the captive and those in bondage. Be a people-orientated person, add value to life and make the world a better place. Look for opportunity in that obstacle and you would get pearls from pains.

Perception changes things and makes the difference but action produces results. What we do with our problems, and how we do them, matters. See that problem as a golden opportunity to turn your situation and life around for better. Probe yourself and tackle the problem. Do the needful and in time. This way, you will get benefits from problems.

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