Soludo Should Consolidate On Gov. Obiano’s Security Frameworks


By Comr Dr. Harris Chuma Odili

While there is no shortage of important issues for the next governor of Anambra to tackle, Security deserves to be at the forefront of Anambra state’s agenda.

Anambra State gubernatorial election will be contested against a political backdrop of high support for public safety and security. There is no doubt that the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano has done excellently well to improve on the security architecture of the state, the next governor should endeavor to consolidate on this laudable achievement. Many gubernatorial aspirants are campaigning explicitly on safety and security, promising to do more than the incumbent. As these governorship aspirants begin their campaigns; Prof Soludo, the people’s choice candidate, the next governor of Anambra should begin now to look for ways to make clear statements about his priorities, and achieve quick wins to fulfill campaign promises.

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Although, huge investments in security must be a major focus throughout his tenure, Prof Soludo can hit the ground running on this important issue by penning executive actions, which he can issue unilaterally on resumming office. In doing so, he would follow the lead of Gov Willie Obiano, who issued executive orders during his first days in office to promote safety and security of lives and properties in the state. And, it worked, notorious criminals relocated to neighboring states, while the sturborn ones who stayed back are not alive to tell their stories.

In recent times, insecurity has been a growing topic of national conversation, especially in light of the fact that 2020 saw a record number of deaths associated with violent crimes, gun violence, incidents and fatalities in various states in Nigeria. Out of the spotlight, however, many states have been struggling with violence, bandit’s bloody invasions, killer herders are running governance aground. To ensure that all citizens are physically safe and feel safe, conversations about people’s safety should not only include violent crimes prevention, but also consider the structures and resources that are necessary to create a safer state—which is key to preventing future tragedies.

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The next governor by the special grace, Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo could create a task force to investigate various approaches to creating a positive state; ensuring citizens safety; and preventing violent crimes amongst the youths, including incessant cult wars on the streets. The task force should report its findings to the governor and make recommendations for research-based programmatic changes in order to achieve positive goals.


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