Smithtown Club Membership Seminar 27/8/2020


PAG Ekemezie.
Smithtown is among the fastest growing club in Awka Axis.

We must grow our membership so that we can achieve more…Igwebuike…. Ofu nkpulu aziza ada aza uno’.

Approach to membership is best with steps that are more organized and strategic.

It’s important not to bring in members because we want members but members that will spread and balance our demographics, getting together only those who have burning desire for Rotary.

How else can we connect communities to grow Rotary? Through Membership Growth of cause. 
There is need to form new satellite clubs to achieve spread and true growth for Rotary around us.

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Approval has been given to us (PAG Ekemesie’s Club) to charter the Rotary club of Awka West around the NUJ building by Eldorado Hospital behind the CBN.

Using traditional rulers and grass root leaders help to grow your club.

When we grow Rotary membership, we grow funds in Rotary foundation.

In growing membership, utilizing Rotary brands and branded items like caps, shirts, Rotary pin, wrist bands and so on aid greatly.

Clubs chartering clubs also help to grow and expand Rotary membership.

PAG AU Nonyelu
If the District is giving any price this year for membership, RC Awka Smithtown will be part of it.

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Working membership tips are; giving meaningfuls that stimulate people to come always, Introducing steps that de-escalate tensions in the club. 

What are your thoughts?

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