SHOCKING! Ruling House declares Tablic brother, Councilor, 4 others as ritualists over Alawo Stool

Wants Ruling House Committee members removed

No fewer than six members of Abioye Ruling House of an ancient town of Awo in Osun State have been declared as ritualists over the Obaship tussle by the Ruling House.

Awo which is the Headquarters of Egbedore Local Government area of the State lost its traditional ruler, Oba Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo from Akinsilo Ruling House on 24th of June, 2020.

According to a declaration of the state government on the stool, four ruling houses namely Awojobi, Akinsilo, Abioye and Okunji, are entitled to the throne on rotational basis and that after the reign of Adebayo who came from Akinsilo house, it is turn of Abioye to fill the vacant stool.

The declaration listed seven families as belonging to Abioye ruling house and they included, Adeniyi, Shittu Eruobodo, Adetoyi, Adesola/Aremu, Gboyelade, Olawuyi and Adegboye.

Though official proclamation has not been made, but the six members, according to source, were caught by the Son of the Head of the Abioye Ruling House, Prince Yakubu Adesola Adegboye, through an intelligent source, while going for their rituals in a very closed town to their Community penultimate Saturday, in order to upturn the destined nominee of the Ruling House to ascend the throne of their ancestors.

Among those that were caught in ritual activities include the proprietor of a popular Islamic School in Ede, Mr. Isiaka Sadoluwa Adeniyi, a serving Councilor who is Legislative Leader of Egbedore Local Government area of the State, Mr. Taiwo Adegboye.

Taiwo Adegboye

Also caught in the act is the Chairman of Mini Bus (Korope) Drivers Association, Oke-Gada Branch in Ede, Mr. Kehinde Adesola; Mr.Fatai Adegboye, Mallam Hamzat Gboyelade and Mr. Hassan Adeyemi (Ore).

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Meanwhile, Isiaka Adeniyi had earlier been engaged in digging of the dwells and bought of deceased houses which the people of the community have been monitoring his ritual activities over the years.

The development has reportedly thrown the family into frenzy as members have been embroiled in fight against each other with a call for the disbandment of the committee set up to search for the suitable candidate from the family that would fill the post.

According to investigation, four (4) out of nine (9) Committee members put in place to coordinate the selection process at any given time by the State government, requesting for the nomination of the Crown Prince to occupy the vacant stool of Alawo,were involved in the ritual act and coordinated by an Elder member of the Committee, one Taffa Olawuyi .

Detailing how they were being caught to the members of the Ruling House at their emergency meeting on Penultimate Saturday 8th of August,2020, the son of Alhaji Abdulkareem Adegboye,the Head of the Ruling House, Prince Yakubu Adesola Adegboye, disclosed that they went to meet an herbalist at Iragbiji where they were directed to Ikirun before directed to a nearby town to the Community which is Ede.

Yakubu further stated that upon their arrival in Iragbiji, they were directed to Ikirun before going to a nearby town of Ede who added that the herbalist, when they brought the name of Taiwo Adegboye for spiritual checking in respect of the Alawo Stool where they were told that the Taiwo’s name being brought was not destined to become a King but he would thrive in politics than any other ventures and if they forced him on the people of the town, many negative things including death of pregnant women and youths would be recorded.

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He added that after they listened to their Herbalist, they then began to beg him(herbalist) to help them change the destiny without minding the negative consequences that might happen to the town after his a day dream purported installation.

“When they pestered him so much, the wise man just tactically directed them to meet another herbalist in Ikirun who also told them that they could not do such a thing before they were directed to Ede.” Yakubu stated.

He continued, “On getting to Ede and unknown to them, the herbalist (Aremo) happened to be the mother of my friend who later told me the town would face a serious calamity should Taiwo is installed. She said any head of a ruling house who endorses such a person would be cursed by the people of the town, even after his death.”, adding that she then warned him to explain to his father, Alhaji Abdulkareem Adegboye.

The alleged ritualists’ members of the Abioye Ruling House were trying to bury the matter before they were told by their Coordinator, Taffa Olawuyi that the cat was out of basket on their diabolical plan against the wishes of the Ruling House to present suitable and destined Crown Prince for the stool.

Yukubu added that the outcome prompted a marathon meeting till midnight of Sunday 9th of August,2020 that took place at the house of Taffa Olawuyi where in their desperate plan, they concluded arrangement that the only solution to hatchet their diabolical plan, was to remove the Head of the Ruling House, Prince (Alhaji) Abdulkareem Adegboye.

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Similarly, one Hassan Adeyemi (Ore) had earlier trying to mislead the Ruling House by saying that the same Taiwo was revealed to him to be a nominated as a Crown Prince but since then, he has been urinating and excreting blood and the Ruling House believed that it was the handiwork of their Ruling House ancestors for lying against them.

It was on record that immediately after the death of Oba Adebayo, one of the ritualists; Mr. Kehinde Adesola consulted another herbalist with nine (9) live Cat fish, where he was told not to worry himself over the vacant stool because his head was not destined to become any monarch which made him (Kehinde) to team up with other ritualists.

It was later gathered that Taiwo and his father, Alhaji Saka Adegboye had given huge amount of cash to these ritualists including Kingmakers and also promised them some plots of land in choice area around the Community if they could do their bidding on vacant Alawo Stool.

It was therefore concluded that those members of the Committee had gone beyond their mandate and they should be replaced with immediate effect.

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