Shame: 5 FCE(T), Umunze students defeat management in court

Following the court judgment by a Federal High Court Awka today being 17th-Sept-2020, Between the Management and the 5 Suspended Anglican Students Of Federal College Of Education (Technical) Umunze.

1. The Court Decided That the Students Fundamental Rights Was totally Breached and the Panel is A Variation Of their Fundamental Human Right. 
  1. That The Panel set by the College Management was partial, Unjust, and Not Fair and Lacks Confidence to the Students and a thereby Remains Unrecognizable
  2. An Apology Letter shall be Written to the Five (5) Students And Must be Pasted To all the School Notice Board inside the School.
  3. Again the Court Mandated that the Students Involved Be Graduated Immediately.
  4. The Court Also Mandated the School Management to Pay Sum Of 1Millon Naira to the Students for Damages and 100 Thousand for Cost.

Details shortly

2 thoughts on “Shame: 5 FCE(T), Umunze students defeat management in court

  1. Seriously, the students at least should be made known and their claims against the school. Management….

    Though it’s a nice head start to cub the inhumane suppress gotten by the students from the management.

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