SEE What a Nigerian Man Found Inside A Bottle Of Pepsi (Photo)



A Nigerian man made it to the list of trending topics on the internet after he raised an alarm following what he discovered inside a bottle of Pepsi.

According to Vincent Osamudiamen from Benin City, Edo state, he found a folded cork inside the closed bottle of soft drink as he berated bottling companies in Nigeria for being lackadaisical over hygiene.

Nigerian Man and the bottle of pepsi
A bottle of Pepsi

He shared pictures of the Pepsi drink on Facebook and wrote;

“Just imagine how these so called multinational companies are killing Nigerians with their unhygienic nature of producing what Nigerians consumed daily, this bottle is supposed to be wash and treated before refilling it with beverages, but the reverse is the case here. Can Pepsi do this in other countries outside Africa?

What are your thoughts?

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