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Bar. Thompson Chikezie Onitsha legal practitioner, and rights activist who also is the director of Free Neighbours Foundation an organization set up to ensure the rights of common Nigerians through free legal advocacy, rehabilitation etc has lambasted the national assembly and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the recent reintroduction of the Old National Anthem noting that such issue should not have been the Nation priority as it will not add any meaningful thing to lives of Nigerians.

Making this position known while speaking to newsmen on the issue which he regarded as laughable and a mockery of sensibilities of Nigerians, Chikezie told newsmen that he was pained in the heart to see the Nation National assembly and President Tinubu to prioritize such irrelevant matters instead of finding an urgent measure to prioritize important issues bordering Nigerians like our sick economy, insecurity, increase of hunger among the populace, collapse of the Nation Monetary System, insecurity, endemic corruption hopelessness pervading in every part of the country etc.

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Positing that giving such trivial matter importance had shown that our present leadership in the National assembly and government are insensitive to the real problem of Nigerians, He stated again that it is surprising to him to hear that in a country where there are astronomical increase in cost of living, education, healthcare, poor security system etc. That the National assembly and our leaders instead of finding an urgent solution to tackle it are busy chasing shadows.

Said he, “It is unfortunate that the members of the National Assembly and this present government had left the real problem of our people and decided to pursue irrelevant things, this had shown that none of them know the real problem of the masses, if they don’t know, let them know it now that Nigerians problem is how to place food on citizens tables, good and vibrant economy, efficient security system, addressing corruption, creation of employment opportunities, good road network, provision of basic infrastructures, quality education, youths empowerment etc.

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