Prophet Ikuru prays for peace in Nigeria as the military besieges Okuama


The killing of some military personnel in Delta state has made the crisis between Okoloba and Okuama take another dimension as soldiers besieged the Okuama community in search of hoodlums that carried out the callous and nefarious act based on the order and back of the president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The prophet of the nation, prophet Godwin Ikuru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry has come out to make prayers for the besieged community for God to restore peace to avert bloodshed, destruction of more properties and displacement of more families.

According to the video that surfaced on social media, the prophet was seen praying for Nigeria around 2 am in the middle of the night, according to the prayers he made “As the prophet of the nation, I pray for peace in the nation, I burn war, the root, the foundation or anything that is igniting the unrest in Okuama because the spiritual controls the physical, let peace return to Okuama, I also pray for the Naira, let the Naira bounce back the way it was in the 80s when nations of the world were envious of our currency”.

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