Primate Ayodele fulfills promise, subsidizes rice, other foodstuffs for members


The economic hardship is bitting very hard at the moment, with Christmas approaching, Lagosians are not sure of how much they will be paying to get a bag of rice for the season.

That’s why primate Elijah Ayodele of the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church decided to subsidise the price of rice and other foodstuffs for his members as a good shepherd who cares and loves his people.

The palliative market gave members of the church the privilege of several foodstuffs at a very subsidized rate, a bag of Garri worth N16,000 was sold for 1000,3 large tubers of yam worth 10000 were sold for 3000, turkey worth 52000 was sold for 17000, bags of pounded yam and semolina were sold for 5000 and 2000 respectively and a bag of rice sold for 3000.

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Speaking at the event, he blamed the government for deceiving the citizens with fake palliative plans that never had any salutary effect on the people.

He described the government as deceitful, corrupt and fraudulent over the palliative methods that didn’t materialize.

He said “The government has failed to perform her duties in cushioning the effects of fuel subsidy removal, a problem they created. The people are suffering so much that they can’t afford to feed. we have thousands of people in several communities who have resorted to begging to feed themselves, yet the government claims they have given palliatives, the people are dying of extreme lack, I mean abject poverty yet the government has decided to employ an inefficient and ineffective palliative method “

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