Primate Ayodele doles out 50k bags of rice for 20k, encourages government to do the same


Collins Nkwocha

Those who benefited from the great philanthropic gesture of primate Elijah Ayodele will continue to cherish the golden moment as he decided to bless people massively on the 14th of February, Which happened to be his birthday.

The clergy made an indelible mark on his birthday by bringing ecstasy and utmost joy to the faces of people with the huge gifts he doled out.

The clergy also created a palliative market which had numerous beneficiaries including, church members, security operatives, journalists, the disabled, the old and aged people.

Prices of food stuffs crashed greatly to reduce the effect of the economic hardship, A 50kg bag was rice which is around 80k in the market was sold for 20k, half of it was sold for 10k, beans were sold for 2k,garri was sold for 3k,5kg bag of semolina for 1500, tubers of yam,1500 and lots more.

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According to the clergy, that palliative market is to help Nigerians cushion the effect of the economic hardship, he urged the federal government to crash the price of food in the country instead of employing other means that are not benefiting the people.

The generous clergy gave out five beautiful cars on this fateful day as it was really interesting to witness the emotional outbursts of those who never expected they could own a car that he made instant car owners as keys and documents of the cars were handed over to them immediately.

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