Presidential Address Presented By His Lordship Rt. Revd. Ephraim.O. Ikeakor Bishop

Bishop Ephraim Ikeakor of Amichi diocese

[Anglican Communion]







Date: Saturday, 5th JUNE 2021.



In the early 1980’s a very popular Nigeria musician called Sonny Okosun released a music album titled, “Which Way Nigeria”? If there is any time that question is both relevant and apt, it is now.

Before proceeding to say few things about our dear country Nigeria, let me quickly ask this question which has been bothering me deeply, “Who is In charge of Nigeria now – The President or the Presidency?” So many Nigerians may not know the difference, and the implication of the above state of things. Any Nation where the President is controlled by the Presidency, instead of the President controlling the Presidency, that nation is as good as a failed nation, and a hijacked Nation.

Why is it a herculean task for the President of this nation to openly address the nation in an open function, apart from a seemingly stage-managed close circuit environment? The state of things in Nigeria economically, educationally, Politically, Morally and Security wise, is not just discouraging and disturbing, but very depressive and destructive.
The spate of killings, bloodletting, gross growth of Crime and Criminality, the impunity of both Miyetti Alla, and Fulani Herdsmen to overrun communities with sophisticated weapons, rape, maim and destroy lives and properties without any challenge from the Federal Government of Nigeria calls for not sober reflection, but critical, Practical and Sustainable action and Checkmating.

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A situation where a President will directive that security agencies to shoot at sight any Fulani Herdsmen with AK47, and the Chief of Staff, Garuba Shehu issue a counter directive they should not be shot, simply portend that something is critically wrong with the Presidency.

Why is it impossible for the President, Presidency, and the Spokesman of the President to declare Miyetti Alla who sponsors and shields this killer herdsman a terrorist Group? Why do we have skewed application of the rule of Law in Nigeria? Why is it that almost all the security Agencies, and allied sister agencies are all headed by Muslim Northerners? Why should cattle rearers have unhindered and unimpeded access to peoples’ land all over the country? Why is open grazing of cattle which is obsolete, unproductive, archaic, and risky in other countries of the world still very fashionable, useable, and acceptable in our country? The security apparatus of our Nation is abysmally going into oblivion.

The sacking of security formations in many parts of the country, and the killing of Police and Army officers without meaningful end in sight is a very worrisome omen to the Corperate existence of our country. The Federal Government recently accused Church Leaders of calling for crisis and secession in Nigeria.
This is not only laughable, but very degrading. Our Political leaders should have known the reality of the Proverb which States, “That he who fetches ant-infested firewood has automatically invited Lizard as his special guests.”

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What do you expect in a nation where youth unemployment is over seventy percent (70%)? What do you expect in a country where there is habitual borrowing by the Government, without any pragmatic plan for repayment of loans through aggressive infrastructural development, and meaningful investment strategy?

We live in a country where the President, the Governors, the Senators, and top Political office holders still shamelessly travel abroad for Medical Treatment. Those countries were fixed by their leaders and citizens. Why is it absolutely impossible to fix the Power Sector in Nigeria? Why is our education sector in a total shamble and shatters? Why are our Universities producing thousands of PhD. Holders each year without any meaningful research and contribution in their field of specialty.

Nigeria is crucially sitting on a keg of gunpowder. The leaders and leadership of this country should wake up to the reality that you cannot hold down the citizenry forever. The Nigerian citizens have come to terms with the decision and action of the lepers in 2kings 7:3-4. Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate, and they said to one another, “Why are we sitting here until we die?” if we say, we will enter the city, the famine is in the city, and we shall die there. And if we sit here we will die also. Now therefore come, lets go to the army of Syrians. If they keep us alive, we shall live, and if they kill us, we shall only die”.

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This is the state of things among the youths, and citizens of Nigeria. The Political leader have woefully failed the Nigerian youths. The youths are looking for any means of Survival, Sustenance, Safety, and support because they have lost faith in our leaders.

My take is, our leaders should know that it is no longer business as usual. They should now face the stack reality that Nigeria and Nigerians do not need Restructuring of our country, they need critical Restructuring of this country. There is no way we can have a peaceful and satisfactory Nigeria if we continue to run this nation on the full provision of 1999 Constitution.

There is urgent need for Wholistic Constitutional Amendment and Constitution Re-evaluation. There is crucial need for State Police in Nigeria. The Economic Management Team of the Presidency should graduate from brainstorming to action storming. There seems to be no future and hope for an average Nigerian Youth, and Nigerian Child.

The time to save Nigeria is now. The time to face reality in Nigeria is now. The time to sit together to re-engineer the workability of this entity called Nigeria is not tomorrow but today. Let me remind our leaders that the Endsars was a warning and cursory wind, the real storm will come if Nigerians are further taken for granted by the political class.

What are your thoughts?

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