President Buhari still pick my phone calls despite my criticisms – Kukah


The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev Father Matthew Hassan Kukah has thrown his weight behind President Buhari’s refusal to sign the Electoral bill, insisting that political parties should be given the chance to select candidates of their choice. 

The man of God who said President Muhammadu Buhari still answers his phone calls despite his criticisms of the administration, blamed Nigerians for ” crying more than the bereaved  “

He told journalists in Sokoto that “the president has not stopped picking my  calls.”
 ” I’ve  maintained a cordial relationship with the president. My concern with the rising insecurity, killings in the country and despotism prompted my criticism of the administration but not  hatred.”

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“If I pick up my phone and call Mr President now he will pick it up. The other time he missed my calls he called me back and we greeted each other.”

“But you know some people cry more than the bereaved. In a developed country, when you speak the truth you will be celebrated. Look at how people are celebrating the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but here people tag you as an enemy of the government.”

Commenting on why he agreed with the refusal of the President to assent to the Electoral Act Amendment Bill, he said that political parties should be given the chance of how they will select candidates for election.

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