People in Nollywood are devil worshipers – Pastor Schugger


By Collins Nkwocha

The president of Grace Revolution International Ministry Pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu (PhD) has lamented over the recent death in the Nigerian movie industry saying that they left the path of truth, ignored Christ and decided to follow the devil.

He maintained that people in Nollywood decided to follow the path of the people in the music industry, make sacrifices and worship the devil too to gain popularity.

He maintained that it’s because they worship the devil that they inflict themselves with all manner of sicknesses and diseases. After all, all the people who died in the movie industry died mysteriously.

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He said, “How can someone want to enter a boat, he will pour Fanta and do sacrifices before embarking on such a journey, instead of praying to the Almighty God for protection, they bewitch themselves and inflict themselves with serious spiritual diseases, that is why several of them have died all the deaths are questionable”.

Finally, he implored all the people in the movie industry to come back to God because God has everything they are looking for.

What are your thoughts?

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