The young prince went into a neighbouring village in search of a maiden for
bride. This action was considered waste of time and dangerous by his parent, the king and queen because there exist beautiful maidens in their community. But the wise prince is in search of true love which can only be exhibited by someone who is ignorant of his wealthy background.

He met and fell in love with a slave girl, Nadin. After series of profession of love, she accepted him and he went to see her mother. Nadin’s mother told him that for a stranger to marry a slave, he would have to stand 39 strokes of cane and the mark of shame, reproach and disgrace would be inscribed on his head.

The exuberant young prince told his parent and they advised him against such commitment. Nonetheless, they gave in due to his rigid mind on the marriage and he went ahead and took the strokes. He knew no pain from his background yet he endured all for the sake of love,
liberating the slave girl from been a slave to a bride fit for marriage by any suitor.

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From his weakness, he gave her strength and with his blood he paid for her glory, union and acceptance by the community. Love is good but patience is the test of love, his parents advised him to wait a little longer before introducing the bride to his wealth. So the young prince left Nadin in care of his bosom friend until his arrival for the marriage feast. During the long wait of which no one knows the whereabouts of the young prince, Nadin accepted the proposal of another suitor who flashed her with abundance of love and attention as well as gifts and all she could ask for.

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He broke the bangle which the young prince gave her and replaced it with a more expensive one. The clock soon turn around as Nadin faced affliction and pain from her husband even in her pregnant condition. The great day met the young prince and his parent dressed in Royal apparel
as they came to take their bride home in majestic entrance. But low and behold, they found their bride unfit for such an honor. She has already taking in to earthly pleasures,forgetting the one who makes the way for such enjoyment. He was deeply ashamed of himself in front of his parents for he knew the afflictions he underwent for her sake. Why would we repay true love with cruelty??? Who deserves such a treatment?? Now the prince represents Jesus Christ. It’s a story of how he was flogged
and mocked.

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It speaks of how he left his exalted throne and stoopped low even to be disgraced for our sake yet we repaid him with unfaithfulness, ungratefulness and reproach. We couldn’t even wait on him after his promises in our life. His bosom friends are the different clergymen who constantly tell us of the great day but we turn dear ears. Nadin never had the chance to make things right but the Lord has given us who read the story the grace to turn back from our ungrateful ways . The choice is yours to make NOW.

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