No one comes to power without being continuity minded. One way or the other, no new Governor totally (within or outside same party) “discards” all that was done or associated with his predecessor. I really wonder what those who taunt others with the word “continuity” hope to sell in their manifesto. If you say you will not “continue” from where your predecessor stopped, remember to add “across all sectors”. By then we would rest assured that you are coming to recreate the entire State in terms of programs, projects and policies.

However, if you will be coming with your selection cursor to choose from what is on ground, then know that you are continuity minded too. If there is any such candidate with a detailed document to “DISCONTINUE” all that has been activated by this current government, I would unashamedly switch board to commit my time and resources to promoting his/her candidature.

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This is why I do not spare a second thought for those who think “Continuity” or “Discontinuity” must be the driving word for any seriousminded and ready-to-work candidate. Whether any candidate likes it or not, he/she must build on and from what is on ground.

Again, it’s that time in our political timetable where everyone is allowed the constitutional right of aspiration. It is free as long as you do not take your dream any inch into the realm of reality, for the moment you begin to craft your dream into tangible transferable mode the cost implication becomes apparent too.

Some persons may not spend beyond internet data and good graphics. Some would become regular callers at every public event, from burials to weddings to birthdays and even unsolicited courtesy calls. All these sum up to become the price we pay for power.

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I don’t want to talk about the pretenders and the actual contenders as it is not in the place of a single living being to decide the extent of another’s journey – politically or otherwise. However, Anambra is a peculiar case, and cannot be cast in the frame of any other State in the federation. Here, there is a considerable number of enlightened and financially independent electorate. Plus a huge number of widely exposed people who cannot be swayed by sloganeering.

Virtually all the known aspirants, by law, are qualified for the plum job. But, certainly they all do not bear the same competence level, character and innovativeness required by a mass of the Anambra people. This is why, in clear terms, ndi Anambra rarely ask the “What” question. They are better of working at the “How” of things.

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While you have busied yourself and team with unearthing WHAT has not been done well in the State, remember that people are keenly waiting to hear HOW you intend to do things differently from what you now openly condemn.

This is the reality that makes #IfeDiche the overriding emphasis of the 2021 electioneering.

“Kedu #IfeDiche i ga e melu ndi Anambra?”

What are you coming to do differently for the Anambra people?

Answer this question and thank me later.

– Mazi Ejimofor Opara

What are your thoughts?

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