Oko people’s Union election: Ifeanyi Ezenandu Rolls out plans for Oko Community

By Lawrence Nwimo

The forthcoming Oko people’s Union election for the National President General of Oko Community in Orumba North, Anambra state has presented another chance to elect another leader.

While the election is set to hold in the coming months it will avail the opportunity of choosing a trusted leader who will pilot the affairs of the union

Chief Ifeanyi Ezenandu

A leading candidate for the exalted position in the community, Chief Ifeanyi Ezenandu has already set the pace having rolled out key problem areas he would address if elected as the new president of the town union.

Recall that Chief Ifeanyi Ezenandu already has an inspiring record in the community having successfully held numerous positions including the chairmanship position of his village while having led the village for 8 successful years and also acted as the chairman for Oko fund raising Committee. It didn’t stop at that, he is the CEO of Sammana Alcoholic and fruit drinks as well as the chairman Sammana Roundtrip shuttle services among other laudable individual efforts for the good of the community.

Chief Ifeanyi Ezenandu

Going by the seven points agenda he reeled out, Chief Ifeanyi Ezenandu looks set to be the right man to steady the ship of the union as he has shone like star following his antecedents in the community which has reassured the peace loving Oko people of his willingness to contribute his leadership acumen as well as his wealth of experience to the benefit of the community.

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Chief Ezenandu, who hails from Eziabor village in Oko Community promised to put to a stop, the wave of crisis which has resulted in disunity and strained relationship between Oko community and some of the key establishments it harbours like the federal polytechnic adding that these alone has denied the town some of the benefits that could have brought opportunities for young indigenes of the community at large. He stressed that it will be his priority to bring the community together as one united family as well as reinstall the peace and harmony that the community members are yearning for.

The manifesto also stated the need to drastically reduce the level of poverty in the community assuring that the less privileged in the community would be given the necessary attention academically and healthwise, adding that poverty alleviation programs will be initiated to equip youths in the community with the maximum skills to excel in life.

Chief Ifeanyi Ezenandu
Chief Ifeanyi Ezenandu

The Seven Points Agenda Read in full:


It’s of note that as at today, there is a lot of disunity among us, between individuals, villages and the community at large and even with the polytechnic community. There’s therefore a serious need to reconcile, unify and harmonize all interest to enhance progress. This shall be my priority to bring all the aggrieved to terms and resolve all differences out of court, through peaceful negotiations. As well create an enabling environment for a sound, peaceful and cordial relationship between Oko community and the Polytechnic Community, so as to harness fruitful social responsibility of the polytechnic to the town.

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In view of her strategic location. Being the seat of the Federal Polytechnic, Oko community requires a very tight and well organized security system.

My leadership will seriously empower and encourage our security outfit for good.


We as a people should recall that the youths are the determinant of the future of any community. Thus, my leadership shall ensure that our youths are properly empowered through the organization of skill acquisition programs.


   I am aware that there are poor families in this community that need financial assistance to get their children educated. Equally, there are also physical challenged in our midst that need to be encouraged to discover themselves. We shall establish a scholarship board comprising members of the academic and others in our midst.

Moreover, our health care services needs an improvement. The legacy of health care as initiated by Late Chief Dr. Alex Ekwueme, who gave birth to the Oko community hospital.

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OKo is like a one road network community, which does not have alternatives in the wake of emergency. This is because the erosion prone nature of our soil has caused set back in attempt to make robust construction of road network to ease the pressure on the only major road Oko to Umunze road.


The Eke Oko daily market is poorly laid out and as such has stalled the possibility of development. I shall therefore in liaison with the Local Government seek how best this will be remedied to make rooms for well organized market layout.


On transparency, accountability and probity, I hinge my integrity. My words remains my bond. Periodic display of our account shall be our watch word. Our accounting policy shall be open for everyone in Oko to access.

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