Oba Igweship Should Not be a Do or Die Affair – Anyaorah

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By Uzo Ugwunze

Chief Okwudiba Anyaorah, Ijele Oba in Idemili South, and the Ozonwawetaku Ugogbuzue of Amaozona autonomous community, Imo State has called on fellow contestants for the EzeOkpoko II of Oba not to see the election as a Do or Die Affair.

He also advised community leaders to involve youths in decision making saying that it would give them a sense of belonging, serve as a forum to advise them and also help in checkmating their excesses.

Anyaorah, a man whom solving his people‘s needs both home and abroad is his priority while having a media chat with our reporter said that the revered traditional ruler’s stool should not be ‘politicized’.

Speaking at his country home, Isu Umuabu village , Oba after picking his form as an Igweship candidate stated:“EzeOkpoko II of Oba should not be left for politicians who promise to embark on ‘white elephant projects’ and later abandon them but a question of what one has done or intends to do for Oba community.”

“I am not a politician who says I will do this or that without an administrative blueprint. If I become the EzeOkpoko II, I will lead well by carrying everybody along. With God’s wisdom if elected, I will start by brokering peace in Oba because peace is essential for any community interested in progress. After that, I will strive for Unity, then Strength. It is a gradual process to avoid mistakes.

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Moreover, Chief Anyaorah, the owner of LOZIKO Conglomerates said he has a plan to establish a think tank made up of Oba intellectuals and professionals living at home and in Diaspora who would pool their resources together to invest some of their businesses or industries at home, establish scholarship schemes, ensure Oba graduates were gainfully employed, sponsor Oba youths into various positions in government saying that it would reduce the quest for both legal and illegal land grabbing, sales and speculation.

“The leaders should be calling the youths closely because they are the leaders of tomorrow. As we rub minds together with them advising them of the consequences of certain vices here and hereafter, they will understand.

“We can also advise them on how they can explore other fields of endeavors other than land sales and speculation. No knowledge is a waste. We can create more employment opportunities by investing here in Oba as I have started establishing some of my business here in Oba to create more employment opportunities”

“We have people who will tar roads but we need to embark on human development, scholarships, skill acquisition cum empowerment and soft loan schemes, ensure that our graduates are gainfully employed, positioned in government so as to attract governments presence to Oba community so that even if roads are tarred today we would have those to maintain the roads in the future”, said Anyaorah.

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”Leadership is an issue of how many lives have you affected? How many people’s tears have you wiped? How many homes have you given succors? How many persons have you sponsored or established to become breadwinners in their respective nuclear and extended families? What values have you added to Oba community?

“For instance, apart from bringing joy to many families and establishing some youths who served under me, I believe in unity and togetherness. I have a large compound befitting for a palace and another expanse of land that can serve as an ofala arena but I suggested that since Igweship is rotational let us have a central permanent palace so that anybody who has opportunty to become our Igwe will not be thinking of how to acquire other people’s land because of palace and so that people can access the palace with their views without fear of intimidation since the palace belongs to all of us. I thank God Oba stakeholders including the cabinet members later adopted it and today it is becoming a reality.

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“Our Community stakeholders who know each of us should be able to discern how passionate or concerned each of the contestants has been concerning the peace, unity and development of the Oba community before the vacancy at the throne? The records are there to speak for itself.

“I still maintain that it is not a Do or Die affair. Late Capt. Muddy Ibe said; ‘Ora a di Abu eze’ -everybody cannot be king at the same time. Let’s follow wise counsel and conduct ourselves”, he said.

Meanwhile, the President of Isu Welfare Association, Sir Ifedili Ubadi said that although Chief Anyaorah as a philanthropist had affected many lives and supported cum sponsored many programs and projects in Isu village and entire Oba, his executive will give all the contestants a level playing ground during the village/quarters selection process.

Pics: Chief Okwudiba Anyaorah, Ijele Oba Pics2: Chief Okwudiba Anyaorah, Ijele Oba and his wife Mrs. Uju Mabel Anyaorah

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