Nwangwu family holds 25 Years Memorial Anniversary for Late Madam Oyidi Nwangwu


By Lawrence Ndubueze

Nwangwu family in Umunaga village Awka in Awka South Local Government Area, Anambra state penultimate Saturday marked the silver jubilee memorial anniversary in honour of their late mother, Late madam Oyidi Nwangwu.

It would be recalled that Late Madam Oyidi Nwangwu died twenty- five years ago but her footprints were visible enough that her children, grand children and great grand children gathered to celebrate an impactful life which she lived for while alive.

Dignitaries at the anniversary

Speaking to www.odogwublog.com, Mr Chukwumelum Nwangwu, son of late Mrs Oyidi Nwangwu said his late mother was a good woman and the whole of Awka knew her during her time through her dancing prowess.

According to him, his late mother during her time leads dances (obuzo egwu) because she performs the art of dancing very well. He described her as a very vibrant woman who was popular for leading her age grade dances.

Mr Chukwumelum Nwangwu

Disclosing the reason the family chose to celebrate the late Oyidi Nwangwu after twenty five years of her demise, he said “My daughter likes doing good and that was the reason she chose to celebrate a woman who trained her. She celebrated her because my mother lived a good life. If she did not live a good life nobody will remember her.

He seized the opportunity to call on people to watch the life they live today, so that their deeds will be recognized by not only God but also the children they left behind.

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Mrs Catherine Nwangwu

Also speaking, Mrs Catherine Nwangwu, daughter in law of late Mrs Oyidi Nwangwu while praising the life lived by her mother in- law said that she lived a peaceful life that had a good impact on the family even after her demise.

“She was remembered for her kindness to the people around her. She was not just caring but was a true definition of a mother in her days. “

She advised the people to embrace God because he is the ultimate who is capable of doing great things. She said that God has been doing great things to the family and prayed for his continued love to the entire family in future.

In her tribute to her grandmother entitled: ‘ Mrs Oyidi Nwangwu!: Aka-Obuzo Egwu! A woman I cannot forget!’ ,her grand daughter, Nkiruka Chukwumee Esq wrote: ‘How can I forget a woman that took me at the age of 2 years and nurtured me to adulthood.

Nkiruka Chukwumee Esq

‘How can I forget a woman who would rather walk on hot coals so I could fly to safety?

‘How can I forget a woman that would rather go hungry and deny herself of all pleasures and happiness so that myself and my sister could feed and be happy.

‘How can I forget the woman that gave my life a direction and meaning; a woman that saw my tomorrow!

Nkiruka Chukwumee with Comrade Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

‘How can I forget a woman that despite being a traditionalist, she made sure I went to Church and participated in every activity in the Church.

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‘Mama, I celebrate you today for believing and seeing my tomorrow .

‘Today I preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus, that was your desire for me.

‘I wish I could say I’m happy without you because I always imagined what life could mean if you were right here with us.

‘Despite the fact that you were a traditionalist, I strongly believe you harboured Christ in your heart and died in him.

‘There’s so much I want to tell you but I’ll save them till we meet again to part no more!

‘I can imagine how warm and loving you called me.

‘ You always called me Oyiboka, your first child’s name!

‘You believed she is me, Mama, no one ever called me that.

‘The Earth lost an angel in human form, but heaven gained a true ambassador of truth and godliness.

‘Mama, it’s been 25 years since you left but the gap you left behind still feels like it was yesterday.

‘I want to say more but my heart is full and my hands are weary.

I can’t wait to tell you in person, the phrase life has taken us but I’m sure I’ll.

‘Mama, your words have kept me till date.

‘I promise my children, grandchildren will hear about you.

‘Rest on Mama!
‘Rest on Obuzo egwu!
‘Rest on Oyidi Nwangwu!
‘I miss you so much!
‘I Love you to infinity!!.

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‘Nkiruka Chukwumee
‘Your own Oyiboka”.

In a brief interview,Nkiruka Chukwumee Esq insisted that now :” I felt fulfilled because before now I have been asking me what should I to celebrate and honor a woman that gave my life a direction.

‘Just wanted her to be rememebered because of her impact. And people to know that I appreciated her for being there for me and my younger sister

‘From very tender age, the woman in question used to use her wrapper and borrow money whenever we are sent out of school, she never allowed us to feel that our mum was not there.

Pastor Chijioke Odazie of the Most High Prayer Out-reach, Port-Harcourt had encouraged people to be impactful to lives of people around them in order to leave indelible marks in their lives to enable them remember the person when he or she is no more.

For Pastor Ejike Ezisi of Jesus Evanglical Ministry Awka-Umuenechi branch who said the sermon from the topic: Reward of Good works. Texts: Acts 9:36-42′, there is no room for impression when one is dead hence the need for people to leave legacies behind to enable those alive to remember them in glory.

Friends and well wishers across board attended the memorial service including the Chairman of Odogwu Media Communications limited publishers of www.odogwublog.com, Comrade Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, PhD among others .

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