Niger PDP Faction Rejects Saraki Committee’s Decision



The decision of the Saraki led reconciliation committee that the two contestants for the position of party chairmanship  in Niger should  “step down” for no reason other than satisfying wishful interest is hereby rejected and if need be, might be tested in a court of law to strengthen the party constitution and obedience to rule of law and democratic tenets, the committee which came on board 1 year after the two contestants; Bar Tanko Beji and Engineer Muktar Ahmed have purchased  and filled nomination forms, cannot ask persons who have purchased PDP forms to contest positions to step aside for no reason.

The Tanko Beji faction, finds such recommendations as inconceivable, unheard off and cannot stand commonsense nor logic.

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It is even worse when it was clear the target was to stop Bar Tanko Beji by all means, if you take into accounts that Engr. Mukhtar Ahmed and Dr. Babangida Aliyu preempted correctly the outcome of all the committee’s meetings weeks before such decision was announced and even “leaked it” before Senator Bukola Saraki and other members of the committee at a meeting.

We stand by our position, and if we are to nominate 100 times, we will nominate Bar. Tanko Beji as our Candidate, again and again. Make no mistake!

The nomination can only be overridden or upheld by a free, fair and transparent congress, not a reconciliation committee or any other committee.

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We thank Senator Saraki for his effort and wish him and all other members well.

Yahaya Mohammed Usman 

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