Nawfija Verses Akpu Communities’ Boundary Crisis; Hon. Cyprian Okereke Intervenes .

The Council Chairman of Orumba South Local Government Area, Hon. Cyprian Okereke ( Ogbuehi Turuagwa) makes a quick and timely intervention on the crisis which escalated yesterday between Nawfija and Akpu, neighbouring communities in his Local Government Area.

In an on the spot assessment of the damages inflicted in and around the disputed area, Hon. Okereke was dismayed by the level of destruction of properties of the Upata Village in Akpu Community done by the people of Umuawaya Village of Nawfija Community, irrespective of the level of misunderstanding. He lamented that the economic situation of our country and the level of hardship would have been put into consideration, more so as he believes that all peaceful opportunities were not exhausted before properties were destroyed. Moreover, the abduction and later release of the VG Chairman of Akpu Community was unnecessary, as that would have introduced a different dimension to the misunderstanding but for the intervention of well meaning personalities.

After his visit to the crisis ridden area, the Council Boss made a brief visit to the two Traditional Rulers involved in the boundary dispute.
The first he visited was HRH Igwe Clifford Okeke of Nawfija Community who narrated his various warnings to his colleague HRH Igwe Marcel N. Okoli of Akpu. Igwe Okeke, the Ezeudo of Nawfija, vividly told the Council Chairman that “unless the Upata village of Akpu Community unconditionally accepts the Judgements passed by the “Enugwuno Union peace Committee” in 2015, and accept the Boundary established by the said committee , there would not be any room for peace in the area.

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In his response, the Council Chairman reminded him that he is the Chairman of Orumba South Traditional Rulers’ Council and as such, has been part of every peace initiative in the Local Government Area, especially those relating to boundary dispute. He told His Royal Highness that he is not expected to be associated with wanton distraction of properties no matter the level of provocation, and urged him to call his youths to order to allow the Local Government constitute a committee that shall carefully handle the matter and possibly give it a permanent solution.

At the palace of the Traditional Ruler of Akpu Community HRH
Igwe Sir Marcel. N Okoli, Igwe Chukwuchili 1 of Akpu, the Traditional Ruler expressed sadness, concern, worry and dissatisfaction over the actions of his colleague, HRH Igwe Clifford Okeke of Nawfija Community for, according to him, setting Nawfija Community against his people of Akpu without any provocation, not minding his inlaw relationship and what he considered good relationship with Nawfija Community and Igwe Okeke.

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He said that he is short of words, and his community Akpu, is mourning over the injuries inflicted on them by Nawfija Community under the watch of Igwe Okeke. He lamented that the Boundary judgement by “Enugwuno Union Peace Committee ” being peddled by Igwe Okeke of Nawfija is a “kangaroo judgement” secured by Igwe Okeke with his biased colleagues at the time Akpu Community had no Traditional Ruler and hence, no representation in the committee. Above notwithstanding, Akpu Community has respected that “one sided judgement” till date. Nawfija Community under Igwe Okeke’s watch, jumped the same judgement they fraudulently obtained, crossed over the side given to Akpu by that judgement, and descended on my peoples’ properties, destroyed every thing my people have laboured under this extreme economic hardship. It is inhuman and a typical “man’s inhumanity to man”, he stressed.

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The Council Chairman informed the Traditional Ruler that he had visited the scene and seen things for himself. He urged Igwe Okoli to continue to calm his youths down and prevent them from any form of reprisal attack, to forestall further damages and breakdown of law and order. He assured him that the Local Government shall take urgent action so that the matter would be amicably resolved.

Prominent among the Chairman’s entourage are:-
The Divisional Police Officer in charge Umunze police Division,
The Council Chairman’s Personal Assistant, Hon. Anthony Okoli, and
His Special Assistant, Mrs Happiness Nnaemedo

Comr Uchenna Ejeri,
( Ogbuehi Turuagwa Media) writes from Orumba South Local Government Area.

July 14, 2021.

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