N-Power Beneficiaries, An Open Letter To The President.


Dear Mr. President, 

I am writing to share a word or two with you on the disengagement of the batch A and batch B of of the N-Power beneficiaries. Please find my words as an advisory suggestion on the issue in question. You may find it worthy of consideration. 

Disengaging volunteers may not go well with a lot of the beneficiaries. This is in consideration of the fact that the country itself, is facing the problem of the infamous Corona Virus. And this has brought about big problems or hardships. This problem has showered down to the citizens with the leaving N-Power Beneficiaries not excluded. 

My humble call to you Mr. President is, exiting these volunteers now is going make the economic challenges they might have been facing doubled. And I am quite confident that, as a caring father, you would not like to happen. I may not have to remind you of fact that, many of the beneficiaries have taken you for a blood father. That is most likely the reason why they call you, ‘Baba’. 

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Being you a leader whose trust in the minds of the volunteers may not be matched with anyone else, it would be nearly impossible for the beneficiaries to continue with that trust after disengagement. May I remind you that, many of us as taken it for one of your aims to take some millions of Nigerians out of poverty. I am sure you would not like that aim (if taken) to remain unachievable. However, it may be considered as a heavy nock on the aim in question should the N-Power Beneficiaries be exited at the end of the day. 

The future of the youths, the beneficiaries, is also something worthy of consideration as regards volunteers’ disengagement. How will the immediate or distant future of the beneficiaries be if they are exited? We are hopeful, anyway, that it be bright. But their future is of much importance to them and to the country. 

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N-Power Beneficiaries, An Open Letter To The President.

Sir, you know better than I do, that the backbone of any economy is the working population of the country in which the economy is in existence. The majority of the volunteers are youths who belong to the population in question. Why then their future should not be nurtured.

In conclusion, Mr. President, I am advising and calling that the exit plan of the beneficiaries be revisited. I am sure that a look at the issue at hand, considering my suggestion in this open letter of mine, will probably lead to an adjustment on the plan. 

Yours faithfully, 

    MN Mr. Muhammad. 

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