MOUAU thrashes SUN as SEUGA competition continues


The SEUGA competition, which continues on match day 2 witnesses players from Michael Opara University Of Agriculture, thrashes Spiritan University with 2 goals to nil respectively.

The goals which happened to be scored in the early ten minutes of the game due to the lack of defense cooperation. Goals which were scored by Ibezimako and Oguodima, who booked themselves a spot on the scoresheet.

According to the coach from MOUAU,he told UCJ that, “they result was expected from the players for they put all their relentless efforts in training and as playing well”. He further stated that “his players weren’t able to score more goals because of the pitch. With joy, the captain of the team congratulates his team and asks for improvement.

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Though the game ended roughly with a red card for S.U.N, both teams made sure that there weren’t any casualties. With the match officials carrying their duties without any form of cheating.

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