Mbah re-invents pipe-born water, Public taps in Enugu metropolis


From Maurice Okafor,Enugu.

Interestingly, the perennial state of dry taps in Enugu metropolis. prevalent in the past two decades is being solved by the present administration in Enugu state led by Governor Peter Mbah.

Governor Mbah has lived up to expectations of restoring reticulation of water to the city dwellers, as he promised during his governorship election campaigns.

In addition, Governor Mbah’s administration has established public taps at strategic points in Enugu metropolis to enable people who cares,most especially school children, have access to drinking water even when they are out from their homes.Abnitio,Public taps existed in Enugu
metropolis and made life meaningful to the residents.

The Authority checks revealed that the perennial lack of pipe borne water to Enugu metropolis from Ajali and Oji River water stations has deteriorated to less than 20 million litres on daily basis against 65 million litres required to satisfy the metropolis.

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Most of the residents and business establishments depend on purchasing water from water tanker vendors,at exorbitant costs.The previous administration’s in the state policies to reverse the ugly trend did not materialise. But Governor Mbah said he has nipped the problem on the board within 180 days as he promised during his campaigns.

Speaking at the official commissioning of the new Enugu water scheme at 9th mile corn1er water pump station, Governor Mbah assured he has solved the problem of lack of pipe borne water into Enugu metropolis, as the new mechanisms put in place are capable of generating 70 million litres of water on daily basis.

Governor Mbah disclosed with new pumps that would be installed at Oji River water station,another 50 million litres of water will be produced on daily basis. He asserted that Enugu state is better referred as Coal and Water city,stating the state is sitting on water zone.

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in tHis words,”Faced with this fundamental issue and considering the suffering of Ndi-Enugu,it was only natural that we identified the provision of water as one of our first targets in the drive to execute our mandate and social contract with the citizens of Enugu. We also chose to give ourselves a target of resolving the challenge in 180 days”

“We are like i mentioned earlier,close to commissioning additional pumps at Oji-River to enable us bring another 50 million litres to our taps daily”.

Governor Mbah assured that pipe borne water will be extended to other towns and rural communities in Enugu state gradually.

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He lamented that the enormous challenges ranging from the replace of old asbestos pipes, people who built houses on pipe lines especially within Emene axis of Enugu,were the cause of delay in reticulating water to every door step in Enugu metropolis at the moment,not the production stating there is enough already.

He advised residents of the affected areas to source their water from the public taps,revealing that 96 water galleries are already constructed and strategically spread in various parts of the metropolis.

Governor Mbah said that a 4.4 megawatts gas powered plant is provided to act as alternative to supply from Enugu Electricity Distribution Company(EEDC)
in ensuring regular power for a 24 hour operations at 9th mile booster station.


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