Marcus Tibetan and his several lies against top men of God


Anyone who never sees anything good about another person or who is always looking for faults is evil;for a clergyman to possess these negative qualities is more excruciating because clergymen are supposed to people of impeccable qualities and attributes because people respect and treat them with utmost veneration.

Marcus Tibetan,a self acclaimed prophet of the Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha parish is evil and devilish,not worthy to be a clergy.

Tibetan specialises in casting aspersions,lies, denigrating and derogatory comments, remarks and prophecies on fellow clergies.

In 2022, Tibetan prophesied that Bishop David Oyedepo would die 2023,he made the lie sweeter when he said that he has seen the colour of his coffin.He said ” I have told you that Oyedepo will die in 2023,they have brought his coffin and it is White,I saw the Nigerian flag on the coffin,let us be expecting around July”, what a shame!


Tibetan also accused pastor Adeboye of RCCG of sacrificing his deceased son to escape death,he also gave the false prophecy that pastor W.F.Kumuyi sacrificed his deceased wife to elongate his life.He is full of lies,deceit,fake and evil prophecies,he specialises in making denigrating and derogatory remarks against fellow clergies in order to bring them down.

In 2018,he made another prophetic blunder by saying that Fashola would be vice President,Tony Elumelu will be incapacitated and would be on Wheelchair,Saraki would be paralyzed,Dogara will experience stroke;none of these negative prophecies happened to these people because he’s a prophet with a lying tongue who specialises in castigating and condemning men of God that are bigger and more anointed than he is, Tibetan is a false prophet who derives joy from casting aspersions on fellow men of God.

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