Man seeks divorce over alleged misbehavior

Suleiman Gatta on Wednesday filed for divorce at Area Court, Centre-Igboro Ilorin, due to wife’s disrespectful attitude to his parents and siblings. Gatta told the court that the defendant, Balikis Adeyemi, did not like his parents and siblings, saying that she always have issues with them. He also said that the wife does not appreciate all the things he gives her, adding that she curses him anytime they have misunderstanding. He thereby prayed the court to dissolve their marriage relationship.
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The defendant however denied all the allegations against her by the petitioner, saying that she does not have any problem with her in-laws. She told the court that the respondent always got angry over issues, especially things like food and child upbringing. The presiding Judge, Shehu Ajimobi, told the wife to apologise to her husband and turn to a better person, saying that divorce is not a good thing and should be prevented. He also advised the petitioner to exercise patience and grant the wife some benefits of doubt, hoping that she would change for the better.
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But the petitioner insisted on divorce, saying that the defendant should not bother to apologise, as he won’t listen and will not accept her plea. The Judge thereby ordered that the two parties should inform their relatives to appear in court during the next sitting and adjourned the case to Nov. 25, for settlement.

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