Lawyers set to unveil Rules of Professional Conduct book for Legal Practitioner

This new book premieres at the forthcoming NBA-AGC holding at Eko Atlantic City 19 – 26 Aug., 2022. Be among the first to pick a copy of this 350 page groundbreaking book that discusses and interrogates the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners and the Code of Conduct for Judicial Officers. It fully engages the knotty areas of lawyer/client, lawyer/court & lawyer/lawyer relations.

The book is a worthy reference companion for gentlemen of the legal profession who desire to uphold the cherished ethics of their noble profession and, to do well while doing good. It is an indispensable textbook for students of law, a fitting orientation for their admission into the distinguished clique of learned gentlemen. And for members of the public, the book is a great resource for the appreciation of what lawyers and judges do and the mystique of the court system (the temple of justice).

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If you don’t buy any other book at the conference, be sure to get this one, and you’d be glad you did. Many thanks.

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